Bakers unveil ‘UK’s biggest doughnut’ – weight of small cow and 170,000 calories

Bakers have smashed the record for the UK’s biggest doughnut in the name of birthday celebrations.

Stuffed with a whopping 170,000 calories it is similar in weight to a small cow.

Marc Brough ordered the massive 1.5-metre diameter deep-fried delight for his wife’s 40th birthday.

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It stacks in at 40kg, which is the same as a cow weighs when it is born.

Dining on the massive treat to completion would be the same as sitting down and scoffing 740 Mars bars or 1,400 bananas.

Complete with seven different toppings there are parts of the cake-like construction that are stuffed with chocolate sauce, and other parts that are filled with jam.

Toppings include everything from vanilla cream, chocolate icing and chocolate fudge brownies to raspberries, golden Dairy Milk chunks and swirls of caramel cream.

According to wife Rebecca, from Nottingham, it was the best birthday present ever.

She said: "It was insane. It was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe the size of it when they brought it in.

“The doughnut was so big that they had to fully open the double doors at the Cubo office in Derby just to get it inside the room.

“It was the best birthday cake ever, and it’s fantastic to think my birthday has probably become part of a UK record.

“And, amazingly, none of it went to waste.

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“It was shared with everyone and was scoffed in record time. I also saved a piece for each of my children, and they loved it."

Max Poynton, operations director for Derbyshire-based bakery Project D, said that by a 'long way' this would be the biggest doughnut cake in the UK.

He commented: “We’re over the moon to have been invited to play such a big part in both Rebecca’s special birthday.

“Our design and bakery teams definitely came up trumps with Rebecca’s monster doughnut cake.

"As far as we can find out, it’s the UK’s biggest doughnut by a long way.”

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