Baffling new roundabout slammed as designers accused of being ‘high or drunk’

A new ‘first of its kind’ roundabout has opened up in Salford specifically for cyclists, but locals have claimed the design is stupid.

The four entrance structure appears on the junction between Broadway and Trafford Road and is part of an improvement scheme to the local area.

The surrounding land has included added cycle lanes, new crossings and signals, but locals are saying it’s an absolute waste of money and a poor choice from the Council’s spending.

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With the location of the lane at a bottom of a hill and the turnings tight, it has been described as a ‘ring of fire’ to pass through and especially dangerous for children.

One local even claimed it was designed by someone ‘high or drunk’ at the time.

Salford City Council was excited for the new structure, which joins up cycle lanes, and defends it saying: "extensive consultation with members of the public, cyclists and groups representing people with a wide range of disabilities and visual impairment.”

A furious resident, Lilian Robinson, spoke to the Sun and explained her frustration at the new addition.

“The roundabout has been built at the end of one cycle lane, which is at the bottom of a hill.

“So if cyclists are coming down the hill or going too fast it’s like a race-track.

“A few times I’ve had to get out of the way because instead of coming off the roundabout and crossing the road to join the next part of the cycle lane a lot of cyclists just carry on.

“But the pavement narrows further on so you’ve got be careful if bikes don’t slow down.”

Lilian says she finds it difficult to walk to dog safely now.

Other locals were concerned about e-scooters and other bikes which can be used irresponsibly on the new roundabout. Cyclists themselves have taken to local Facebook groups to say they aren’t even sure of the rules and how to use it properly.

A school is located not far from the combined cycle lanes, which poses a particular threat to students.

An unnamed man also said: “It’s a waste of time.

“It took a long time to build and I can’t really see the point of it.

“God knows how much it cost.”

Some residents had mixed views, with one person replying: "It's a good idea in theory but obvious designed by someone who doesn't ride a bike. The roundabout is far too tight to comfortably cycle around.”

However, some felt negatively about the development, with one person simply saying it was a "Waste of money."


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