Back to the drawing board for Verdun’s controversial waterfront dog park

Verdun officials will be going back to the drawing board as the borough scraps plans for a future waterfront dog park.

On Monday, Verdun borough Mayor Jean-François Parenteau said the borough will not be going through with its plans for a dog park along the historic waterfront.

While opposition towards the proposed park was high among the surrounding residents, Parenteau said in a statement online that it was not the main reason for the move.

Parenteau said the projected price tag for the project caused the borough to reconsider.

Bids for the contract were higher than the initial assessment, according to Parenteau.

Opponents to the project claim the new park would obstruct the view of the water and increase traffic in the area.

Parents also voiced safety concerns with a nearby playground that was in close vicinity to the proposed dog park.

“It is clear that the banks are special and your attachment has been clearly expressed,” Parenteau said in his Facebook statement. “This is why this option will no longer be considered in the future.”

With only one official dog park in Verdun, borough officials are adamant on finding a new location for the long-awaited project.

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