Australian drug lord on the run for his life as death by firing squad looms

A mystery Australian who is accused of smuggling drugs worth millions of pounds into Bali is still on the run, as cops hunt him down to potentially be executed by a firing squad.

The unknown man, known only as Mr A, had a whopping 35kg of meth, 32kg of cocaine, 800 ecstasy pills and 2.6kg of marijuana in his villa when it was raided.

He quickly fled the scene and left his possessions behind – but Indonesian authorities, who have some of the strictest drug laws in the world, are urgently chasing him.

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Cops have already arrested three men who allegedly worked for the drug lord and were found at his villa, reports the Daily Telegraph.

They reckon the trio “facilitated” the Australian man's drugs operation, so dressed them up in prison jumpsuits to showcase them to the media in front of the seized substances with a street value of up to £4.1million

Local media gathered to watch the drugs go up in flames, in accordance with the country’s strict laws.

Top Bali drugs cop Kombes Pol Mochamad Khozin said: “The hunt was carried out after the arrest of three Indonesian citizens with the initials AAP, KMS, and KS in one of the villas in Kuta on April 12, 2022.

“We have coordinated with Interpol to find this ­perpetrator.”

The detective added that his unit knew who Mr A was but that they would only reveal his initial and that he is 32-years-old.

It is not yet known whether the drugs were in the villa for storage to be moved to another country or if the illegal substances were destined to be sold across Bali.

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Although the raid took place almost two months ago, cops have only just made details public.

They say they acted on a tip-off that 50kg of crystal meth was allegedly being smuggled into Bali.

Criminals charged with drugs-related offences have been put to death in the country before.


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