Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ grandad says killers should face the death penalty

The grandfather of Arthur Laninjo-Hughes said that his killers ought to receive the death penalty for the horrific crime they committed.

This came after a top court gave the father and stepmother sentences that have already been appealed for being "too lenient".

Earlier this month Arthur's father, Thomas Hughes, was sentenced to at least 21 years for the manslaughter of his son after the child suffered an "unsurvivable brain injury".

Hughes' partner, Emma Tustin, carried out the murder while caring for Arthur at her home in Solihull.

She violently shook the young boy and repeatedly banged his head – likely against the hallway wall, floor or door, the court heard.

Tustin was sentenced to at least 29 years. Now, the poor boy's grandad has told The Sun that their sentences aren't enough.

His remarks came after the Attorney General yesterday confirmed that the couple's jail terms fall under the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme.

The Attorney General has now referred them to the Court of Appeal, where top judges will now decide whether to increase them.

Arthur's maternal grandad Peter Halcrow agreed with this decision, saying that they should at least caged for life.

The 61-year-old, from Dunkeld, Perthshire, added: "It should be whole life terms for both of them.

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"Life should mean life in this horrific case."

Previously, Mr Halcrow demanded that they receive the death penalty.

He explained: "I have never favoured the death penalty because I know mistakes can be made by courts, but in my view they have forfeited their right to live.

“It will burden taxpayers but, as we don’t have capital punishment, they should certainly never leave prison as long as they live for such cruelty and inhumanity.”

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Attorney General Suella Braverman said: "My thoughts are with all those who loved Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

"This is an extremely upsetting and disturbing case, involving a clearly vulnerable young child.

"Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes grossly abused their position of trust and subjected an innocent child, who they should have been protecting, to continued emotional and physical abuse.

"I understand how distressing the public have found this case, but it is my job to decide if a sentence appears to be unduly lenient based on the facts of the case.

"I have carefully considered the details of this case, and I have decided to refer the sentences to the Court of Appeal as I believe them to be too low."

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