Anarchist bank bombers detonate six blasts on ‘symbols of capitalism’ in Spain

Three anarchist bombers that launched six explosive attacks in Barcelona between June 2022 and July 2023 aimed to destroy “symbols of capitalism” and wrote “we aim to kill”, on one of their devices.

According to Spanish outlet ABC, bombs were placed at seven locations over the period, with six of the explosives successfully detonating.

Of the six that did go off, five were blown in branches of Banco Sabadell – Spain’s fourth largest bank – and in one branch of Santander.

The seventh bomb was placed in a Mercadona supermarket but didn’t detonate.

Three men aged between 24 and 45 have been detained by the Mossos – Catalonia’s police force – while a woman in Valencia is also being investigated, according to El Pais.

Fortunately nobody was killed in the attacks, however reports suggest that the cost of the damage caused by the devices exceeds 80,000 euros.

The leader of the group, a 35-year-old man, has already been imprisoned. He is reported to be a drug dealer “obsessed” with producing explosives.

Sergeant Carles Mitjà of the Tedax – Spain’s bomb disposal squad – claimed that the group had tested their bombs in a “cabin”.

He said: “We believe that in the cabin they tested the grams of gunpowder they needed for the explosive and that was where they began the activity.”

Investigators’ suspicions rose about the ideological motivations behind the attacks after discovering explosives devices with politicised and explicit messages written on them, such as “f*** Nazis”, “f*** capitalism” or ACAB – “all cops are b*******”.

Mitjà added: “We were surprised that they were not robberies. They planted the explosive but then they didn’t go to look for the bills.”

Describing the devices themselves, he said: “The seven firecrackers contained a total of 443 grams of gunpowder and there are two of 160 grams. A commercial thundercracker contains three and a half grams.”

The attacks, which occurred in the Barcelona districts of Eixample and Sant Martí, all took place at dawn and inflicted no casualties.

Despite the danger inherent within the attacks, the Mossos are not accusing those arrested of terrorism but rather criminal damage.

The investigation continues.

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