Alberta legislature adjourns until Friday; MLA Jason Nixon to explain adjournment

After a motion on March 17, government officials announced Thursday the Alberta legislature would be adjourned until Friday at 10 a.m.

There will be no sitting in the house Thursday because “the public interest requires the Assembly continue to stand adjourned,” a news release from the government said.

It also explained politicians may come back for a sitting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Canadian Press reported the move was connected to new rules to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The notice in question was related to Government Motion 10 on the March 17 order paper.

Motion 10 gives the Assembly more flexibility in terms of sittings, given the current health situation, the government told Global News.

The Government House Leader and Opposition leader worked together to give MLAs more flexible sitting options in order to best meet the needs of the house.

The decision was not made because any member was feeling ill; but rather to increase options for the Assembly to safely meet under these unprecedented circumstances.

MLA (and Government House Leader) Jason Nixon proposed the motion:

“At any time during the 2020 Spring Sitting of the Second Session of the 30th Legislature the Government House Leader may

(i) advise the Assembly that the public interest requires that the Assembly adjourn, or

(ii) if the Assembly stands adjourned, advise the Speaker that the public interest requires the period of adjournment to continue … and the Speaker shall give notice that the Assembly shall remain in a period of adjournment until the Government advises the Speaker that the Assembly must meet to transact its business.”

Nixon will speak about the adjournment at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. His remarks will be live-streamed in this post.

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