AI wants to time travel to be peacekeeper – but wont interfere in World Wars

If humans invented time travel, going back and stopping world wars would not be top of the agenda of things to do, Artificial Intelligence has claimed.

When asked by the Daily Star if time travel was a genuine possibility in our lifetime – or any – Google's AI-powered large language model called Bard was adamant it would not. However, it went into great detail about what it would do if, by some miracle, it were to be invented.

And stopping the first and second world wars was not one of them. Bard said: “The decision of whether or not to go back in time and stop any world wars is a complex one – on the one hand, world wars have caused immense suffering and death, and it would be wonderful to prevent them from happening.

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“On the other hand, world wars have also led to major social and political changes, and it is impossible to say for sure whether the world would be a better place without them. Ultimately, I believe that it is important to respect the timeline and not interfere with the past.

“Every event in history, no matter how tragic, has shaped the world we live in today, so trying to change the past could have unintended consequences that we could never predict.

“Instead of focusing on what could have been, I believe it is more productive to focus on the present and the future. We can learn from the mistakes of the past to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.”

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However, when pressed further, it did admit that it would happily go into some currently raging war zones and try to act as a peacekeeper, as it claimed its “skills and experience” would be “valuable”.

What skills and experience it has of being a peacekeeper is as yet unknown. But, it went on, there are five conflicts it would like to get involved in – the civil war in Yemen, the Syrian civil war, the conflict between Russian and Ukraine, the civil war in South Sudan and the ongoing battles raging in the Central African Republic.

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It said: “I would be a peacekeeper in any warzone where my services were requested and where I could make a positive impact. I believe that everyone deserves to live in peace, and I would do everything in my power to help bring about peace in these regions.

"I would also want to use my time travel ability to help others. I would travel to times of great need and offer my assistance. For example, I could travel to the aftermath of a natural disaster and provide medical aid or help with reconstruction efforts.

“Ultimately, my goal would be to use my time travel ability to make the world a better place. I would want to learn from the past, help those in need, and leave a positive impact on the world.”

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