Adorable rescue kitten that was adopted by two dogs now thinks it’s a dog too

A hilarious photo of a cat that appears to be convinced it is a dog has caused quite a stir on the internet.

Cat photos are the most popular thing online. The only content that comes anywhere close is pictures of dogs.

So it follows that Reddit user Doudouisawesome’s photo of a cat that thinks it’s a dog has been breaking the internet.

Reddit user Doudouisawesome, known to her friends as Nathalie, explains that her ginger cat Azmael was badly injured in a car accident as a kitten, and her two dogs became very protective of him: “He got hit by a car when he was a few weeks old and grew up with dogs, he's VERY weird,” she says.

Nathalie’s husband, who is a firefighter, found Azmael in a puddle of blood. “He tried to find the cat's family but no one knew him, she told Daily Star Online, “so we took him to the vet and he miraculously survived.”

Replying to questions about her ginger’s Tom’s permanent “resting bitch face” she says: “I'm so used to his face that I don't even see what's wrong with it.

"When he was a kitten, I'm 78% sure that he didn't have such a mean face, though.”

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She adds: “He couldn't walk when he was a baby, because of the injuries he had when we found him. Now we're very happy we've kept him, he's weird and can't run properly, but he has a nice comfy life.”

Three-year-old Azmael’s adoptive dog “parents” are Liam, who is a White Swiss Shepherd, and Nimue – an Altdeutscher Schäferhund.

“We have two other cats,” Nathalie says, “one who is 11 and tolerates the dogs and the youngest is about 1.

“She loves the dogs but does not want to leave the house so she's not coming on walks with us. She waits for us behind the door, though!”

One commenter on Nathalie’s photo said their dog had the opposite problem, having been raised by cats: “My beagle can’t figure out his paws don’t work like his cat sister and brother. He is KILLING my soul with these cat behaviours.”

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