3ft 7ins panto dwarf who used stepladder on wedding day achieves big dream

A panto dwarf is on a real high as he gears up for one of his biggest dreams to come true – his daughter is going to see him on stage.

James Lusted and his wife Chloe set a Guinness World Record for their 1ft 10in height difference when they wed.

Now the show veteran cannot wait for three-year-old Olivia Nevaeh to see him perform. The 3ft 7in star will play Bob in Beauty and the Beast throughout the festive season in the seaside town of Llandudno, North Wales.

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James said: “Olivia is only three years old and in her first year, she didn’t see me in panto. This year she is starting to understand.

“She’s verging on four now and she knows that daddy’s going to be dressing up and be on the stage.

“Whether she knows what the story’s about I’m not sure, she’s just excited to see daddy on the stage.”

TV presenter James, 34, who lives in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, and has appeared on Songs of Praise, said he is working with some great colleagues.

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He added: “It’s going to be a fantastic run. It’s a real strong cast, it’s a diverse cast and it’s an honour to be working with them.

“I’m playing Barry’s sidekick Bob and it’s a bit of a different character for me. I wouldn’t say I’m a villain but I try to support Barry, although I’m not too sure about him.

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“It’s a comedy character as well which I quite like and can have a bit of fun with. There are a few famous comedy sketches in the script that people can relate to as well.”

James is appearing alongside CBeebies star Rebecca Keatley.


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