Woman says she’s ‘not a villain’ for refusing to give up plane seat to family

A woman on TikTok took to social media this week after refusing to swap seats so a family could sit together.

Maresa Friedman, from the United States, shared a clip of herself fuming on a recent flight.

She ranted that a family had asked her to move from her seat on a Delta Airlines flight so that they could be together for the journey.

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But, Maresa was furious at the question and insisted that being a parent did not give people the right to order other passengers to move from their assigned seat.

She wrote: "No you can’t have my seat! I am not a villain for moving from the seat in first class I paid full fare for."

She added: "I’m also a mom, so it’s called PLANNING AHEAD."

In a second video she said she had "no hate to anybody".

Maresa suggested that the family swap with those seated in the cabin that was a class below, so that they could be sat next to one another.

She explained: "You didn’t plan ahead and yeah if the airline bumps you or moves you or whatever totally fair.

"The suggestion I gave was basically like ‘Oh, if all of you want to sit together in a row, because the first class is two seats and two seats, I am sure that you could ask the people in the bulkhead behind you’.

"I think they would be super pumped to sit up here so that the three of you can be together."

She added: "To which of course I just got the look. But, it didn’t stop this mum… I was getting side eyed, I was getting looked at, she was talking about me.

"If you book with the airline they will group your reservation together so the only time that you might be separated is if you miss a flight or a connection.

"Why is it on everybody else to accommodate everybody?"

Maresa noted: "And, before you come for me I have two kids so I have been there.

"I would buy my baby a seat and it would be next to me, but when you book with the airline you have to tell them to group your reservations together and that you are travelling with a minor.

"So if you are travelling with a family there are things you can do proactively."

In the comments, thousands of people weighed in on the issue.

"Good for you, stand up for yourself,"said one fan.

Another added: "I don’t give up my seat anywhere ever on a plane.

"I reserved it early enough to get what I wanted. Your loss if you didn’t."

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While a third wrote: "As a child free person I get shamed for not moving. I paid full price. I’m not moving."

A cheeky TikToker added: "This happens to me frequently. Typically by families.

"They get really upset when you ask how much cash they have on them."

What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments…


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