Woman has ‘worst night of her life’ on 20-hour bus journey with no toilet

A woman has shared her nightmare experience onboard a 20-hour sleeper bus in Vietnam, which she claims didn't have toilets onboard.

When going travelling around far flung destinations there are plenty of ways to save money when you move around – including skipping flights and opting for a bus or train instead. But Mia Challiner shared her terrible experience in a video on TikTok, @miachalliner, which has already been seen by over three million people. She states that she and her brother booked the night bus to travel from Hanoi in the north of the country to the historic city of Hoi An on the east coast of Vietnam.

The journey is one that takes around 20 hours by road so it’s no short coach trip! Mia claims that when they booked the journey it seemed "kind of fun" – but that’s not how she felt when it was over.

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Mia showed herself onboard the bus with bed-like seats to sleep on inside little individual pods with privacy curtains. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that the pods were as large and she had anticipated, which made for "a recipe for disaster". Things only got worse as she had only packed a handful of snacks, and then discovered that specifically booking top level seats "was a silly decision" when she wa

Mia had brought some snacks with her for the journey too. She noted: "I say snacks but I literally just got diet coke and water, which I quickly found out I was not gonna be drinking. When booking online we were able to choose which seats we were gonna have and we chose the ones at the top which we quickly realised was a silly decision.

"On the bus we had to take our shoes off and then headed straight to our seats. Listen, I did not anticipate the fact that I would have no storage space at all. I've seen videos of people having these massive beds but I guess not."

She continued: "My room had a little curtain and I got given a blanket and a bottle of water, which I did not touch. I actually didn't drink for the whole 20 hour trip because I quickly found out there were no toilets on board. I actually managed to sleep for a couple of hours with my knees bent and at 12am I woke up to a man walking down the aisles shouting."

Mia showed herself leaving her bed and walking outside to the toilets. She noted: "In my head I thought, right this must be a dinner break and luckily I had picked up a salad before getting on the bus but no I found out this was just a toilet break and I ended up p****** in this hole with my salad in my hand."

She also took her makeup and skincare with her to use on the journey – but things didn’t quite go to plan. Mia commented: "What the f*** was I thinking taking my skincare and makeup on this bus? I really thought I'd be sat on this bus doing my skincare routine. I had my little salad and the bus did have Wi-Fi so I facetimed my parents, who were literally p****** themselves laughing. The bus did stop at 3am again for another toilet break, however this time it was on the side of the road."

Mia noted that the end that she was "delusional" about being able to be comfortable and sleep for most of the journey. She noted: "At 6am everyone got told to get off the bus but we were still an hour away from our destination. We then got transferred onto another bus and had a two hour ride before finally getting into a grab which took us to our hotel."

In the comments hundreds of people chimed in with heir reactions – with the most shocking part being the lack of toilets on board the bus. One person said: "I really couldn’t do a sleeper bus, I need a wee like every 15 minutes."

Another added: "There’s no amount of money I could save that would make this worth it, 20 hours and no bathroom is insane". One commenter said the bus looked like a "nightmare".

However, others who had also used the mode of transport – which is common in Asia – and said her bus seemed far nicer than some others. One commenter said: "That sleeper bud is pretty nice tbh, people need to realise that they’re in different countries with different infrastructures."

While another added: "I was there last week. Take the sleeper train. I took Laman. It’s literally Hogwarts express. It’s an incredible experience. And has the best toilet."

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