UK travel ban: SEVEN countries that could ban Britons as Morocco cracks down

Sajid Javid warns coronavirus pandemic 'is not over'

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The latest figures show Covid cases in the UK passed 50,000 yesterday for the second time this week. But the Government has declined to make any significant moves against this, with Sajid Javid insistent the NHS is not in an “unsustainable” situation. And that could leave other countries targeting Britons instead, with potential travel barriers.

Which countries could ban British tourists?

Britain is currently the most profoundly afflicted nation in Europe, and the situation has gone from bad to worse this week.

Cases have consistently topped 40,000, and yesterday passed the grim 50,000 mark with a total of 51,484.

By comparison, other countries such as Spain and Italy have kept their case rates low, averaging 2,000 to 3,000 a day.

The secret to their success lies primarily in complementary measures such as masks and social distancing.

If European leaders felt their countries were at risk from touring Britons, they could introduce strict new rules for the UK.

Some politicians have started flexing their muscles, with Morocco taking the initiative against British travellers.

Officials governing the North African tourist barred flights from the UK on Wednesday from 11.59pm until “further notice”.

Morocco’s Covid rate per 100,000 people is dramatically lower than the UK’s

Approximately 10.4 people get sick out of every 100,000 Moroccans, compared to 445.5 Britons.

That low rate has seen the country’s officials also prohibit flights from Germany and the Netherlands.

Other countries, especially those with low rates near the UK, may follow Morocco’s lead and curb flights.

The countries with the lowest rates (below 100 per 100,000) in Europe include:

  • Malta: 47.61
  • Spain: 49.60
  • Italy: 60.13
  • Poland: 77.92
  • Sweden: 79.44
  • Portugal: 85.37
  • France: 92.09

None of the listed countries have yet confirmed plans to restrict flights to or from the UK.

Those considering following Morocco’s lead face a Catch-22 as half-term approaches.

Nations like Spain and Greece – both highly popular with British holidaymakers – have economies which are heavily reliant on tourism.

As the half-term comes around, they stand to make back some of the money they forfeited during pandemic closures.

Experts have cited this in their reasoning that they likely won’t follow Morocco immediately.

Speaking to the I, travel consultant Paul Charles said they would want to “protect” potential half-term tourism gains.

But the chief executive of PC Agency added they aren’t unmoved by the UK’s rising rate.

He said several countries have started “asking for assurances” that ministers plan to contain cases.

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