Travel expert details exactly when plane passengers should ‘zip it’

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Middle seat passengers often have the worst end of the deal on a plane journey. But their flight could get even worse if they’re seated next to an overly friendly traveller.

The expert travel team at the Points Guy shared some of the most annoying things passengers can do on a flight with

They said: “It’s more than fine to be nice and approachable to your seatmate, you definitely don’t want him or her on your bad side.

“You may need to ask them for a small favour during the flight like borrowing their pen to fill in a landing card, retrieving a dropped phone or window shade preferences.”

Passengers may need help from their fellow travellers or might need to ask them to move if they need the toilet.

However, the team said that passengers should be careful to respect other travellers when it comes to conversation.

They said: “Don’t talk their ear off if they’ve clearly demonstrated they’re more interested in catching up on the latest inflight entertainment than learning your life story.

“It’s a delicate line for sure, but when in doubt, err on the side of caution and zip it.

“If they put headphones on, it is probably an indication that they don’t want to keep the conversation flowing.”

Travellers need to follow social cues on a flight and leave other passengers alone if they don’t want to talk.

Tourists might be tired after a long holiday sightseeing or may prefer to fly in peace and quiet.

The team added that couples also need to be careful not to irritate their fellow passengers on a flight.

They said: “Please save the PDA (public display of affection) for when you get to your final destination.

“Holding hands is fine, but keep it at that. Even if it is your honeymoon, the complete strangers sitting around you will not want to watch you consummating your marriage at your seat.

“As for joining the Mile High Club in the aircraft bathrooms, most bathrooms are tiny and not very clean, is it really worth it?”

Other passengers won’t want to see couples being overly affectionate on their flight as it can be very offputting.

As the majority of planes seat passengers in three, it could make the third passenger very uncomfortable.

Even if it’s a honeymoon trip, couples are better off saving the romance for their holiday hotel room.

The Mile High Club is a group of people who claim to have had sex in the plane’s bathroom while up in the air.

However, this isn’t allowed and passengers will get in trouble with the cabin crew if they are caught.

The bathroom on a long-haul flight isn’t the most hygienic of places and is usually very low on space.

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