Pints from 67p in world’s cheapest places for beer – with 5 places under a quid

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    We Brits love nothing more than a good holiday – especially if it involves sunny weather and cheap pints.

    With the cost of living in the UK skyrocketing, many of us have had to forgo pub trips as the cost of a tipple is higher than ever.

    In fact, research from Finder shows that the average cost of a beer is now £5.99 in London.

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    But, the cost of a pint varies around the world from just 67p all the way up to £9.98 in Qatar.

    The UK price – which was based on London as the most expensive area – is a whopping double the average cost of a beer around the world.

    Luckily for Brits wanting to fly away for a trip somewhere more exotic the website has also found the five cheapest places to sip on a pint.

    Each of the cheapest five destinations comes in at under a quid a pint.

    We would warn travel enthusiasts to check the current FCDO guidelines before booking a trip abroad especially when travelling to less common destinations, as entry rules and travel advice can often change quickly.

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan – 67p a pint

    Finder showed that the cheapest place in the world for a beer was Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

    At just 67p you can snap up a refreshing beverage in the Central Asian nation’s capital city.

    It may be an unusual holiday choice, but Tashkent is known for its many interesting museums and Soviet-era architecture.

    You can experience an incredible mix of cultures with museums dedicated to Buddhist artefacts and those of the Timurid dynasty.

    There’s also the Alisher Nava’i theatre which shows opera and ballet in a stunning building, or head to the gorgeous Chorus Bazaar to shop for gifts and local goods.

    The national parks and various mosques are also a stunning sight to behold.

    You can get return flights to Tashkent from £278, according to SkyScanner. You can offset the cost of the plane with tiny accommodation costs – shows rooms from just £9 a night.

    Freetown, Sierra Leone – 74p

    Next up was Freetown in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where a pint will set you back 74p.

    This hotspot is perfect for those who love sun and sea as Freetown has plenty of beautiful beaches such as Lumley Beach Road with its golden sand.

    Lakka Beach is another scenic ocean spot perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

    The city has a rich history which are displayed in museums and monuments – including the Cotton Tree symbol of emancipation and the Sierra Leone National Museum.

    History buffs can head to Bunce Island – a notorious and haunting landmark of the slave trade.

    Flights cost from £440 for a return, but again, accommodation is cheap from £30 a night.

    Yangon, Myanmar – 75p a pint

    For just a penny more per beer there’s Yangon in Myanmar.

    Formerly known as Rangoon this city shows off a mic of British colonial buildings, traditional Buddhist pagodas and modern skyscrapers.

    The pagodas attract thousands of visitors each year and your jaw will hit the floor when you spot the towering golden Sule Pagoda or Shwedagon Pagoda.

    There are bustling markets, preserved synagogues and war memorials as well as a National Museum showcasing the history and culture of the nation.

    You’ll find glorious jewellery and fabric shops and local cafes in Chinatown.

    While Kandawgyi Lake is a stunning place for a walk where you’ll spot the ethereal Karaweik Palace.

    Want a delicious after beer snack? Try the kyay oh noodles or mohinga.

    Flights to Myanmar start from around £642 and you can bag accommodation from £14.50 a night.

    Antananarivo, Madagascar – 76p a pint

    Those looking to go on holiday in an incredible island destination can head to Madagascar for 76p pints.

    The East African nation’s largest city provides plenty to do.

    Analakely Market is huge and you can get lost in it while looking at local produce and other gifts.

    There are also royal palaces from the 17th century, botanical gardens and many art galleries and museums.

    Animal lovers can go down to Lemur Park or take excursions to see Baobab Avenue or some of the many national parks teeming with waterfalls and unusual rock formations.

    Other excisions out from the central city let you call to small islands and spot wild sea turtles.

    Flights to Madagascar cost from £497 and you can snap up a stay from just £8.50 a night.

    Bogota, Colombia – 76p

    The capital of Colombia is sprawling and cobblestoned with a vibrant culture.

    It’s surrounded by the aw-inspiring Andean peaks and travellers should head to the historic downtown.

    Here you’ll find colonial buildings, museums and restaurants as well as plenty of 300-year-old homes, churches and even convents.

    The Museo del Oro – or Museum of Gold – has more than 55,000 pieces of the precious metals from pre-hispanic cultures.

    The National Museum is another fascinating collection of archaeology, history and art.

    Of course, when in Colombia you’ll be able to tuck into some delicious street eats and grab a 76p pint.

    We’d recommend trying the arepas – corn wakes stuffed with succulent meat and cheese.

    Flights to Bogota will cost from around £454.

    Meanwhile, a stay costs from between £5 and £10 a night on

    It's worth noting that the Foreign Office warns against travelling to certain regions in the country, so always check the latest travel advice before booking a trip.


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