Pilot has people jealous of ‘amazing’ views he gets from the cockpit at 35,00ft

When flying in a passenger plane many of us enjoy staring out of the window.

The little plastic orb offers great views of the UK as you depart and watch the fields turn into a patchwork.

Then as you climb above the clouds you see a fluff, sunlit landscape.

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Plus, when you’re ready to land you’ll see your destination swoop into view – whether it's sun and sea or mountains.

But, it seems that passenger windows aren’t the best view on the plane…

Young pilot, @pascalklr, who has 2.6million followers, recently went viral on TikTok.

He racked up an impressive 2.6million likes on his video after showing off the view the pilots enjoy.

Pascal showed himself sitting in the cockpit next to the controls and a GPS tracking screen.

He reached in front of him and removed a shield of plastic from one of the windows surrounding him.

Letting the film fall back he held up the camera to show off the stunning, long distance view of the clouds.

The incredible sight even showed the curvature of the Earth and the land very far below.

People in the comments were gobsmacked at the beautiful view pilots enjoy.

One person noted: “My dream is to be a pilot.”

“OMG mega view,” another wrote.

A third commenter added: “Your job is so interesting but also so dangerous!”

Others said the view was “beautiful”, “pretty” and “awesome”.

The pilot assured his fans that “videos [are] taken during non critical phases or with a mounted camera”.

Would you become a pilot if you could? Tell us why in the comments…


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