New 735ft-high moon-shaped resort to feature lagoon and its own ‘lunar colony’

A new resort, set to be the world's largest sphere, is in the process of being built in Las Vegas, US.

The Moon World Resorts will become the joint second-tallest building in Sin City with the JW Marriott.

According to the Canadian entrepreneurs behind it, the hotel will cost an eye-watering £3.6billion to build.

It will reach measure 224 metres (735ft) high, which is under the Strat Observation Tower that hits a whopping 1,149ft-tall.

The retreat, which would be the world's largest sphere, features 4,000 hotel rooms, a "crater cafe", a spa, casino and so much more.

There will be a lagoon and guests can seek a space-age adventure by taking a moon shuttle to a "lunar colony".

Other attractions include an event centre, a theatre, piano bar, boutiques, several lounges and a convention centre.

For the guests after a night-life, there will be a club that sits under a giant model spaceship.

A glass-bottomed "Enviromax" walkway will offer simulated views of the Earth's weather patterns.

The "active lunar colony" is the unique selling point for the ambitious resort.

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To access the colony, there would be shuttle stations designed like cars on a rollercoaster to take guests upwards.

Guests can spend 90 minutes exploring the 10-acre space, whizzing over craters in a "moon buggy".

Michael Henderson founded Moon World Resorts (MWR) with his business partner Sandra Matthews.

The pair first decided to conceptualise a destination resort back in 2000.

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He said: "The objective was to develop an authentic reproduction of planet Earth's Moon, incorporating the world's largest sphere."

The sphere's diameter would measure around 198 metres (650ft) and would rest on a large disc 259 metres (850ft) in diameter.

Moon isn't in production yet, but Michael and Sandra aim to work to receive funding required to develop the resort.

It would license the design in four places – North America, Europe, the Middle East Gulf and Asia.

Michael says MWR is in "active discussions with potential regional licensees in various global locations".

He added: "Some 20 years after the first initial pencil scribbles began to develop, Moon is finally ready to break ground."

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