I sold our family home to travel the world because UK has gone WOKE

I sold our family home so me and the kids could travel the world because I’m so fed up with Britain’s ‘woke ideology’

  • Chris and Tamira Hutchinson left with their three daughters in May 
  • The father revealed five reasons why they will not be coming back ‘home’ 

Roughly 12,000 years ago, the majority of the human race made the adjustment to settling in towns and villages rather than eternally wandering from place to place for a living.

However, the Hutchinson family – from Corby, Northamptonshire – have left the UK to live as modern-day nomads, and have no intention of coming ‘home’ any time soon.

Chris and Tamira upped sticks with their children – Olivia, 9, Scarlett, 7, and Bella, 3 – almost six months ago, and have since visited Thailand, China and Malaysia.

The father of three introduced a new TikTok on the family’s account documenting the trip: ‘Here are five reasons why we won’t be returning back to the UK once we’ve finished travelling.’

The first of those reasons was the cost of living crisis back in the UK, with Chris saying: ‘You have to work every hour God sends just to afford the necessities and keep a roof over your head. There’s no room for enjoyment.’

These are some of the reasons why we wont be returning’Home’ when we finish travelling…. #uk #lefttheuk #fulltimetravelfamily #uktravelingfamily #costoflivingcrisis #travellife

Chris and Tamira Hutchinson upped sticks with their children – (L-R) Olivia, 9, Scarlett, 7, and Bella, 3 – almost six months ago, and have since visited Thailand , China and Malaysia

Chris revealed that whenever the family do finish travelling, they have very little intention of returning to the UK

In an earlier video on their TikTok page, Tamira had outlined how the family are budgeting on their travels. 

She said that they allow themselves roughly £35 per night for accommodation, and up to £40 for ‘daily living’ including food and drink.

This contrasts to the family spending roughly a month before they left, covering their mortgage, bills, groceries, petrol, and other expenses. 

The high cost of living also ties into why the family left Britain in the first place, with the parents realising that they were missing out on their girls growing up, and not seeing much of each other either given the hours they were working to provide.

Chris continued to reveal the second reason for not returning to the UK was the  ‘woke ideology’. 

He explained: ‘You can’t say boo to a goose anymore. Everybody’s offended, everybody’s appalled, and it just leaves everyone feeling awkward and scared to say anything.’ 

The third reason he gave was the weather.

‘This is something that can’t be changed unfortunately,’ he said.

‘If you can’t afford to get away to warmer climates at least once a year, it can get pretty depressing.

‘We have about nine months of the year with doom and gloom, when it finally gets to the “British summer” it’s pretty much raining all the time, but you might get that one freakishly hot day.’

Ironically for the Hutchinsons, when it comes to this gripe, their extended holiday has seen them miss both the hottest June on record in the UK, and an October heatwave.

Speaking from a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, Chris revealed that culture was one the big reasons that he was not keen on a return to the UK

Another issue Chris mentioned was the British weather. Ironically, a month after leaving the country, the Hutchinsons missed out on the UK’s hottest June on record. Pictured: Brighton Beach on June 25

Another issue Chris mentioned he felt existed in British life was ‘negativity’.

He said: ‘There’s too much negativity and judgement these days.

‘Whether it’s friends bashing other friends down, work colleagues stomping on other work colleagues, you only have to drive for five minutes and people are beeping in your face getting road rage.

‘It’s not a nice vibe and we should be lifting other people up rather than pushing them down.’

The final, and broadest point was that the father of three said that he was disappointed by the lack of celebration of culture in the UK.

Speaking from a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, he said: ‘It’s fully celebrated – the history, the heritage of Thailand – there’s Thai flags everywhere, and it’s really sad that we don’t have things like this in the UK that are celebrated anymore. 

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