How can you get a holiday feeling? UK staycation ‘more desirable’ to ‘cut down on stress’

Simon Calder offers advice on booking staycations for 2021

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Britons may believe a holiday feeling can only be achieved overseas, but 54 percent of them picked UK destinations as “most desirable” in a blind selection process. A new study by Original Cottages, the national holiday cottage company, has taken a look at what makes Britons feel on holiday, and everything can be found right here in the UK.

So what gives Britons that “holiday feeling”?

The most important thing is sunshine, with 59 percent of respondent saying this was important to feel on holiday.

Sunshine was followed closely by the “sound of the sea”.

“Trying new food”, “stepping off the aeroplane” and “sunbathing and relaxing on the beach” were also mentioned.

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While 60 percent of Britons believed people would be more envious if they holidayed abroad, the benefits of a staycation cannot be overlooked.

Some of the benefits of a staycation include “being able to drive”, “no long-haul flights”, “easier accessibility” and “avoiding the stress of airports”.

Creative Neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis said: “From the study, we can see that one of the most stressful and counterproductive parts of a holiday is the travel itself.

“Staying closer to home cuts down on that stress and allows you to fully embrace that holiday feeling and reap the positive benefits of a holiday.”

Of the Britons surveyed, 78 percent considered a staycation as a top choice for a family holiday.

Places that gave Britons the biggest holiday feeling included Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District and Wales.

Katherine said: “Science reveals that the benefits of a holiday, regardless of where, can last up to a month.

“A change of scenery can restore our overworked minds, increase motivation and creativity and even have health and wellbeing benefits.

“Catching up on sleep, outdoor activity or simply escaping everyday worries has a powerful restorative effect on the brain and body.”

The study also looked at how far Britons need to go to feel on holiday.

The findings were surprising, with on 31 percent of respondents saying they needed to go “between 101 and 500 miles”.

For some UK holiday inspiration, Original Cottages has come up with some recommendations of things to do around the country.

Beaches, vineyards, gelato and wildlife are all things that can be enjoyed on a staycation and that Original Cottages recommends.

The UK’s only bar on the beach, The Watering Hole, in Cornwall, came up on top of the things to do for a holiday feeling on a staycation.

A whale spotting tour in Yorkshire and an animal safari in Suffolk also ranked in the top 10.

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