Flight attendants play ‘Bob’ on board – and it could mean they fancy you

A cabin crew member revealed this morning that flight attendant play a game that rates the passengers on their attractiveness.

The traveller deemed the most attractive will be labelled the Bob – “best on board”.

So, if it ever seems like you’ve been mistaken for someone else (named Bob) you might have set a flight attendant’s heart a-flutter.

The revelation was made on “Professional Confessional” a new segment on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden to reveal some flight secrets.

People share the “deepest, darkest secrets” of their particular job in the section – with “complete anonymity guaranteed”.

And, the unnamed cabin crew member called the show to reveal exactly what happens behind-the-scenes 35,000ft in the air.

She explained on Heart FM: “We have a little game called ‘find the Bob’ and basically Bob stands for ‘best on board.’

“So, you just find the best looking person on the plane and you call them Bob the whole day.

“And, then if you can’t find a Bob sometimes passengers get on and they’re sleepy and they put their heads down and they fall asleep and you can’t really see their faces.

“Then as they get off instead of calling them Bob you’d be like ‘Cheerio’.

“And, that would indicate to your other crew members that you fancy them.”

Host Jamie asked what the flight attendants do when they locate a ‘Bob’.

To which the cabin crew member answered: “Usually, you’re on the trolley service, imagine we’re on the aisle at 38,000ft, and you offer coke, lemonade, water or wine.

“And, you go ‘stop the cart, yeah, there’s a Bob, there’s a Bob’.

“Then the passenger looks at you and you’re like ‘hi Bob’.

“They say ‘my name’s not Bob' and you’re like… ‘it is now’.”

The fight attendant confirmed that they will refer to the passenger as Bob to their face as well as to the crew.

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And, they added that the game happens often, she noted: “If you’re doing a Thursday to Vegas there might be quite a few Bobs.”

But, when asked if any of the cabin crew ever followed up on the matter with the good-looking passengers, she said: “Well, I haven’t got the confidence to give my number to someone, but yeah there are people who have met their future lovers and husbands and wives on board.”

So, if your air host or hostess is hovering near you a little longer than usual… you may have been voted the Bob.

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