Europe’s pickpocket capital is a leading tourist destination

British holidaymakers are most at risk of being scammed in France, according to new research from the travel comparison experts at Quotezone.

The team created a European Scam Index by looking at how many tourists had mentioned being scammed in reviews after visiting top attractions in Europe.

The Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral, two of Paris’ leading attractions, were the worst destinations for scams. Many tourists had fallen victim to a fake ticketing scam in the area.

Holidaymakers also expressed concern about the number of pickpockets around the Eiffel Tower. Although Spain took second place on the ranking, France had over eight times the mentions of scams.

Greg Wilson, CEO of Quotezone, said: “Visitor hotspots are focal points for anyone looking to target tourist dollars, leaving many feeling they have been shortchanged.

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“Our research revealed some surprising results showing that visitors to France’s leading tourist attractions had taken to review sites to complain about being scammed.

“The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris received nearly half as many scam mentions as the other attractions put together, with the large crowds at the base of the attraction allowing scam artists to move inconspicuously while different ticketing options and sellers appear to cause much confusion and heartache for visitors.”

‘Kris V’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “What does disappoint is the amount of scams around the base of it (the Eiffel Tower) and the lack of any police presence.”

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‘Mmerola22’ wrote: “As this has turned into a tourist trap, there are individuals hawking all kinds of fake items everywhere and the ambiance is ruined.”

Greg shared a few common scams targeting tourists and how British holidaymakers can avoid them.

He said: “In highly crowded areas it’s easy to get distracted, this is where thieves thrive, beware of anyone who approaches you in these situations.

“They have many tricks such as offering gifts, offering to take photos or pretending to help you with say a stain on your clothing.

“Make sure when pre ordering tickets for attractions that you use official sites with a high volume of good reviews.

“Don’t carry cash in these situations and keep your bank cards in a zipped bag across your chest or strapped under your clothes.”

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