Ensemble renews its contract with InteleTravel: Travel Weekly

Ensemble Travel Group said Thursday it has renewed its contract with InteleTravel, the Delray Beach, Fla.-based host agency that is also the cooperative’s largest member.

InteleTravel has been an Ensemble member since 2018.

According to Ensemble, InteleTravel has more than 80,000 travel advisors in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Mexico. The agency reported a record $450 million in sales so far in 2022, $150 million more than last year’s $300 million total.

Michael Johnson, president of Ensemble, said the cooperative was “thrilled” to renew the contract.

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“The host agency has grown tremendously over the past few years in size and even more so in travel revenue and we are proud of the partnership that we’ve built that has resulted in bringing mutual benefits to our respective organizations,” Johnson added.

The length of the contract was not disclosed.

Ensemble itself was recently acquired by Navigatr Group. In addition to InteleTravel, Ensemble said in a release, the consortium “has also completed new member agreements with nearly all of its former cooperative network.” 

James Ferrara, president and co-founder of InteleTravel, said the agency reviewed the consortia space but decided to remain with Ensemble because of its “financial model.” He also pointed to Ensemble’s training and certification programs.

“We have been very impressed by the leadership team’s vision for the future and are looking forward to seeing those goals transform the consortium space with a dedicated focus on supporting advisors with the resources they need from technology to training,” Ferrara said.

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