Drunk ski worker ‘passed out’ in stranger’s cabin after peeing everywhere

We’ve all done embarrassing things at work whether it’s copying the wrong person in an email or wearing your top backwards.

However, some mistakes are far worse than others – and could even get you sacked.

Co Founder of ski holiday website Heidi.com, Marcus Blunt, is an old hat at ski seasons and has worked as everything from a pot washer to chalet host, so he unsurprisingly has plenty of wild stories.

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In fact, he recalled his early days when training as a chalet host at a ski resort, where one of his colleagues had the most embarrassing first (and last) day possible.

Marcus told Daily Star: “Before getting let loose on guests, all chalet hosts have a training week in the Alps.

“One guy got a bit carried away on the first night, of his first day, and drank way too much of some very strong alpine beer – not knowing how strong it was.

“He managed to get himself back to a chalet, but it was the wrong one, and passed out in the living room, and proceeded to ‘have an accident’ basically everywhere.”

Marcus added: “The next day he had to clean it up and sit through training dealing with the embarrassment, only to be fired at the end of the day anyway.

“The lesson is, don’t drink the strong beer…Poor guy learnt that for everyone.”

It seems the poor lad missed out too, as Marcus would recommend working a season to anyone!

He explained: “It was great because EVERYONE is there to have a great time. It is an all-winter party, pretty much! It’s just as you’d expect with a bunch of 20-somethings who are abroad for the first time.”

It’s also brilliant for budding ski bums who want to get out on the mountain.

Marcus commented: “You get to really know the resort, and where to go based on snow conditions and the time of day.

“You also get so much better at skiing in those months – lots of people arrived having never skied before and came back absolutely brilliant at it.

“The other main thing was being part of a small close-knit community in a mountain village ‘bubble’.

“Some of my best friends today I met during those seasons and we still go skiing together.”

It's not the first time that a ski worker has shared the perks of working in the mountains.

The Daily Star previously spoke to long-time chalet girl, Hannah Tooke, who decided to “run away to the mountains” to work the ski season.

Chalet girls are workers who take care of guests while they stay in expensive rental homes on ski resorts.

Hannah revealed that in some cases, badly behaved guests can get blacklisted from resorts.

She told Daily Star: “The worst group I had though was on my very first season when I was just 18.

“There was a group of very sleezy guys staying in the chalet where I assisted and during dinner on the first night one of them slapped me on the bum!”

She continued: “My boss dealt with the situation well though, and I didn’t have to work in that chalet for the rest of the week, and they were black listed from every staying with that company again.

“The next company I worked for never accepted bookings from all male groups to combat things like this from happening.”


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