Cruise guest warns passengers to avoid booking one type of cabin

Cruise ships usually have a huge number of decks and types of cabin. A cruise guest has warned passengers to avoid booking that might be especially noisy.

A guest wrote on Reddit: “Planning a cruise trip soon and the room that I’m looking at is directly under the pool area with the stage and the dancefloor.

“I’m assuming that’s where all people will go too. How noisy would it be?”

Some cruise lines let passengers choose the location of their room and it can be tricky to know where to book.

Another passenger replied, saying: “Don’t book that room. You will hear all the chairs being moved and the noise.”

A guest added: “I had a cabin under the pool deck once. During the day, not an issue, partly because I wasn’t often in my cabin.

“But about 5:30 every morning, I would wake up to the sounds of the pool attendants putting the chairs out. So I personally wouldn’t book that again.”

Cruise crew usually start their working day very early and will start putting out chairs at the pool in the early hours.

This could be particularly noisy for people in the surrounding rooms as the chairs may be scraped across the floor as they are moved.

Another guest warned: “If you are directly below the pool deck where chairs are, you’ll usually hear it.

“Usually two times during the night but it depends. Ships usually speed up at night and may clear chairs to avoid damage and thus at around two, chairs are picked up around 6am.

“Noise beyond chairs, personally I’ve never had an issue with, however you do hear the party sounds from a balcony which some people love and some don’t.”

Cruise ships may travel faster during the night and crew may put the chairs away so they don’t go overboard.

The passenger added: “If you have a balcony, some ships extend the lido deck over the balcony so you could have an obstructed top view which may be totally fine.”

In some areas of the ship, passengers’ balconies might be overshadowed by something on a higher deck.

While this might not matter to everyone, it’s a good idea to check before booking a cabin if the balcony is overshadowed.

Another guest said: “We try to book between decks of other rooms, as we prefer the quiet. Also good to have cabins high on the ship.”

Cabins between other cabins will probably be the quietest, as people are just using the rooms for sleeping.

However, guests can’t count on having quiet neighbours and could end up beneath a noisy family or couple.

Another passenger said the guests could use the noise from the pool deck as a “free alarm clock”.

If guests are heavy sleepers or don’t mind an early wake up call, they might be happy with a room below the pool deck.

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