Carnival cruise line cracks down on guests ‘behaving badly’

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Carnival Cruise Line has released a video warning guests not to break the rules on their cruise holiday. The company president said guests’ luggage would be randomly screened by sniffer dogs in upcoming months.

In the video, company president Christine Duffy, said: “We’ve all seen the news coverage and social media posts of people behaving badly.

“It’s happening in stores, restaurants, at sporting events, at schools, on aeroplanes and theme parks and yes, on cruise ships too.”

Several videos of fights on Carnival Cruise Line ships have gone viral including one in September 2022 where a man seemed to beat up a woman in a mass brawl between guests.

Duffy said all of the line’s cruise ships have had more security personnel added to deal with unwanted behaviour. 

She said the line had also introduced narcotics sniffing dogs at home ports to screen luggage on “both a routine and random basis”.

Duffy emphasised illegal drugs including marjuana were forbidden on cruise ships and at terminals.

All Carnival Cruise Line guests will now have to acknowledge and commit to the line’s Code of Conduct before check in to the ship.

Duffy said consequences for breaking the code, included fines, being confined to your cabin or being removed from the ship and banned from further sailings.

The cruise line has also implemented a youth curfew. Guests aged 17 or younger will have to be in their cabin by 1am unless they are with an adult.

The company also warned younger guests to avoid being alone with strangers or other guests.

It said: “This may seem obvious, but whether on land or at sea, be aware of your surroundings and stick with a group.

“It’s great to meet new friends onboard but never put your trust in people you don’t know.”

Guests who fight onboard could face a $500 (£415) fine under the strict new rules and could be reported to law enforcement.

Duffy ended the video, saying: “Please help us make sure your Carnival vacation is safe, fun and memorable, by respecting each other, our crew and the ocean.”

Around eight people were involved in an altercation on a Carnival cruise ship in July, with some incurring injuries.

At the time, a Carnival Cruise Line spokesperson said those that started the incident would no longer be able to sail on its ships.

Although cannabis is legal in some US states, cruise ships operate under federal law so it is not allowed onboard even if passengers embark in a state where it is legal.

If guests are caught with drugs or other illegal substances while onshore they will be subject to that country’s laws.

Guests will need to be careful to follow the law in each country they visit as these can vary across destinations.

If an incident occurs onboard, many cruise ships have a ‘brig’ or onboard jail, where guests can be held until the ship reaches the next port.

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