Bars at Greek party hotspot caught collecting used drinks to sell as shots

When heading out to one of Europe’s party towns, British tourists usually plan a wild week away with more than sun, sand and sea. Cheap drinks and plenty of clubs are the name of the game for those who want to dance the night away.

Whether you’re heading to Benidorm for its 88p pints or choose to go to Sunny Beach to pull fellow tourists there’s something for everyone. Even Serbia has river-boat clubs and £1 beer.

But, those flying out to gorgeous Corfu – known for its bright blue seawater, impressive beaches and party boats and clubs might want to avoid the shots. Many holidaymakers down cheap shots for a cheap boozy night out, but now it turns out you may want to avoid them for a pretty disgusting reason.

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Reports claim that bars on the Greek island have been using guests' leftover drinks to serve as shots. The venues, in Kavos, on the south of Corfu have allegedly been using leftover alcoholic drinks to make shots for other paying customers.

Kavos is usually full of Brits during the summer months, but local media reports that the authorities in the area are cracking down on certain behaviour. The town is famous for its wild parties and drunken guests.

But, reports also claim that Kavos is a spot where police checks haven’t been carried out for years – until now. From 30 August and 1 September, the Independent Public Revenue Authority AADE and customs auditors were assisted by police officers to raid several bars and restaurants, reports Neos Kosmos.

They checked for tax evasion and adulterated drinks – that’s beverages that have been tampered with by using water to dilute them, unofficial alcohol or, as was discovered, using leftover drinks. Eight samples were collected and subsequently sent for analysis by the State General Chemistry Department.

Most of us have heard of dancefloor ninjas – people who wander round downing the drinks left in glasses. But, we never expected them to be the bar staff pooling old drinks and doling them out again as fresh shots to buy.

The authorities checked whether receipts were registered while customs workers looked to see if drinks were clean. Unfortunately, it seems some bartenders were going around collecting leftovers in a canister and doling them out as shots for other buyers.

Seven venues were found to serve drinks without "lot number" markings – so they were smuggled, illegal or adulterated. A further 26 eateries were found not to have issued over 40,000 reciepts totalling £229,225, reports state.

Around 28 bars in Kavos were temporarily closed after the discoveries for 48 hours and fines were slapped on them. More checks are set to be done in the area as well as surrounding towns and other party hotspots.

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