Airport worker scares dog owners by showing cabin their pets stay in on planes

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Pet owners have been left terrified after a video emerged showing where airline companies place their animals when travelling.

Airport worker Deej recently made a post to give an insight into where they keep the pets on a plane and viewers said there was "no way in hell" they would travel with their animals again.

In the video, Deej shows one end of the plane belly where the luggage stacks up in a pile and the other end which is separated by a canvas curtain.

He opens it and a white dog is seen barking in a crate, which is securely strapped to the base of the floorboard.

Deej says: "Here we are, everyone wanted to see where the dog goes. There it is, all strapped down."

Many viewers found it too "terrifying" for the pooch and said it would be a "traumatic experience" for both the dog and the owner.

One said: "This gives me anxiety just thinking how scared the dog feels."

A second wrote: "No way in hell I would ever put my dog, who is a family member in this situation."

"No thank you I'd simply drive across the ocean," a third added. "I don't want to see my pet having panic attacks on plane."

But some dog owners said they put their pet's favourite toys in the crate as their travel companion.

"We flew both our dogs when we moved to Canada and they face their cages to each other," another wrote.

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One, who works as a ramp agent, said airport workers love pets and always make sure they're okay and safe.

Deej agreed with some viewers that the place isn't the worst but the noise from the plane makes it horrible for the animals.

But he said: "Some airlines allow you to travel with your pets in the cabin."

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