Oil Kings forward Jake Neighbours’ draft year cut short

When the Canadian Hockey League cancelled playoffs and the Memorial Cup, it was devastating for all players — but it’s a little tougher to take for those players in their draft year.

They don’t get the chance to show NHL scouts their abilities down the stretch and through the post-season.

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For 18-year-old Oil Kings forward Jake Neighbours, it was also the year he was supposed to graduate high school. But he’s keeping things in perspective.

“I think it’s bigger than me and I can’t really be selfish and be mad at the world cuz this is happening,” said Neighbours about the pandemic.

“It’s just more important we take care of it and get rid of it, so things get back to normal.”

At this point, it’s in NHL scouts’ hands, but Neighbours 70 points in 64 games played shows well.

“I look back at it and obviously there’s games you go back to and wish you could do things differently sometimes,” said Neighbours.

“But I think overall looking back at my season, I think it went very well and I’m very happy with what I did to showcase my abilities and myself.”

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