Trust in Sunak is collapsing as poll shows Tories heading to election disaster

Sunak demands Starmer gets his facts straight over RAAC row

As Rishi Sunak jets off to a G20 world leader summit in India, the Prime Minister has been hit by more bad news in the polls.

According to the weekly Techne UK tracker poll, Labour has maintained its huge 21 point lead over the Conservatives after a week where ministers faced fierce criticism over its handling of school closures because of dangerous concrete.

Even more troubling is trust in Mr Sunak’s government to deliver on the nation’s priorities has fallen one point to 36 percent expressing any level of confidence, figures comparable to Boris Johnson’s time in Downing Street during the Partygate scandal.

With some Tory MPs privately saying they do not believe Mr Sunak can turn things around, Labour now has 46 percent (up one) of those who say they will vote after Sir Keir Starmer’s reshuffle with the Conservatives on 25 percent (up one).

Meawhile, the Lib Dems are on 10 points and Reform UK on seven, both down one.

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One senior Tory warned the poll represents “a disaster” for the party.

Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo said it underlined “a difficult week” for the Prime Minister.

She told “Another very difficult week for Rishi Sunak and his Conservative Party.

“As children go back to school after a long summer holiday the political narrative has been dominated this week by school safety concerns and more specifically, accusations that the Government has consistently underfunded school new building investment over many years.

“More importantly, trust in Government has fallen 1 percentage point this week too, a significant signal of the very difficult situation the party is experiencing.

“With a Labour Party ever more emboldened, with a re-shuffle completed and releasing more regularly now their policy proposals, the outlook remains very difficult for Sunak and the Conservatives indeed.”

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According to the Electoral Calculus prediction website, this poll would leave the Conservatives with just 108 seats, their worst result ever in a general election.

Starmer would enjoy a Labour majority of 270, even beating Tony Blair’s record win for the party in 1997.

However, there is some hope for the Conservatives with only a third (34 percent) of the 1,627 people asked definitely or likely to vote meaning that there are still many voters who could be won back.

But less than half (45 percent) those who backed Boris Johnson’s Tories in the 2019 election intend to vote Conservative again.

A quarter of 2019 Tory voters are still uncertain or will not vote in an election next year.

Almost a third (30 percent) are backing different parties, with half of those switching to Labour.

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