To see Singapore through Covid-19, essential to have strongest team and mandate with longest runway: PM Lee

SINGAPORE – Singapore is facing a very big storm that will require the strongest leadership team with the strongest mandate to see it through the crisis, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Friday (March 27).

This team will also need “the longest runway so that Singapore can have the best leadership” to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Lee told reporters at the Istana.

“That’s a very desirable – in fact, essential – requirement for us to see through this together,” he said.

Asked about how he will decide on when to call a general election, Mr Lee said the ideal situation is that things will settle within the next six months, and then an election can be held.

“But nobody can say – it may well get worse, and I expect it can easily get worse before it gets better,” said Mr Lee.

“You have to make a judgment in this situation with an outbreak going on, with all sorts of exceptional measures implemented in Singapore, is it possible for us to conduct an election and to get this done so that we clear the decks and we can go through and deal with whatever lies ahead?”

Mr Lee noted that in a state of general shutdown, such as in the United Kingdom, an election would be difficult, as the logistics of getting ballot boxes in place and voting would be difficult.

“But short of that situation, even when you have restrictions and some safe distancing measures, life still goes on: People are working, people can travel, people can conduct the poll,” he said

He noted that countries like Israel have carried out elections recently, as has the United States, where most states carried on with primary elections.

Social media and the Internet mean that while the situation might not be ideal, an election can carry on with appropriate measures in place.

“These are, to a large extent, solvable problems,” he said. “You have to think of solutions for them, but it can be done, and I think that we have to weigh conducting an election under abnormal circumstances, against going into a storm with a (government) mandate which is reaching the end of its term.”

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