Time to boot EU out! Britons call on Truss to get tough with Sefcovic in talks

EU unimpressed over Liz Truss’s post-Brexit threats

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Before her first meeting with EU chief negotiator Maros Sefcovic, newly appointed Brexit negotiator Truss said “there is a deal to be done.” However, with the EU having already invoked Article 16 themselves to extend their powers in Northern Ireland, Express readers took to the comments to urge Liz to get tougher with the geo-political coalition.

User SanjayP said: “Truss said the EU has already invoked this article to introduce a hard border for vaccine exports and, even in the act of withdrawing it, insisted on its right to do so again in the future.

“Time to boot the EU out of NI and take back control.”

51mon said: “There should be absolutely no deal with the EU regarding anything to do with Northern Ireland.

“Let them have their border. Any deal is staying in the EU.

“All our politicians are traitors.”

Reddemocrat added: “Don’t you dare betray N.I.

“Tear up the agreement, we never voted for E.U. controls over any part of the U.K.”

Article 16 allows for either the UK or the EU to unilaterally take action if the Northern Ireland Protocol leads to any unintended impacts of the agreement.

While there is some ambiguity over what constitutes enough of an impact to warrant triggering Article 16, the general intent is that both sides will aim to uphold the agreement, and seek cooperative resolutions before using it.

Other users said that Ms Truss’s performance in negotiations would affect her chances of becoming the next leader of the conservative party – as well as her success in that role.

SanjayP said: “If Truss stands firm and actions A16, then she will become leader and win the next GE.

“The British people are sick of the EU trying to annex NI. This could be Liz’s opportunity.”

Another user said: “If the European Court of Justice role is not removed from the Northern Ireland Protocol then Truss and the Conservative Party will have lost the next GE.”

Jonal said: “I will be hugely disappointed if Liz Truss fails to SCRAP THE NIP.

“N.I. is part of the UK and we cannot have an unaccountable foreign power interfering with United Kingdom integrity.

“Time to TELL Sefcovic to disappear back to Brussels.”

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Their sentiments were echoed by former Tory MP Anne Widdecombe, who urged Ms Truss to “Call the EU’s bluff” and trigger Article 16.

Ms Truss said: “There is a deal to be done that protects peace in Northern Ireland, defends our Union, and maintains the integrity of the United Kingdom and EU.

“But it will require a pragmatic approach from the EU.

“I will be putting forward practical, reasonable solutions starting from these fundamental principles, with a view to agreeing a plan for intensive negotiations.

“The EU has a clear responsibility to help fix the myriad problems caused by the protocol and protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.

“As fellow believers in liberty and democracy, we should be capable of reaching an agreement that delivers for Northern Ireland and allows us to unleash the full potential of our relationship”.

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