Theresa May dances night away after scathing Johnson slapdown in ‘play by the rules’ swipe

Theresa May discusses her 'essential' values for public life

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Former Prime Minister Theresa May was captured dancing the night away just hours after Boris Johnson was forced to step down from his leadership role. As resignations continued to flood the Conservative party, Ms May delivered a scathing speech in which she urged the Prime Minister to “play by the rules” as she referenced law-breaking behaviour in Number Ten. Ms May appeared in high spirits following the formal resignation of the Prime Minister as she was seen displaying her signature dance moves during an evening at Henley Festival alongside her husband, Philip May.

As the situation continues to unfold, some political analysts have suggested Ms May could make a return to her former position as she would be well-equipped to act as a caretaker Prime Minister over the impending interim period.

On the day her political rival was ousted from office, Ms May was spotted displaying her characteristic dance moves at a music festival in Oxfordshire.

During her time in office, the Conservative MP gained recognition for her amusingly awkward dancing, captured in clips from several official Government events.

On a visit to a school in South Africa, Ms May was filmed swaying rigidly from side to side in an effort to join in with a dance performance by the children. 

The former Prime Minister was again seen in Kenya jutting her arms and nodding her head with a distinct lack of fluidity as she awkwardly attempted to join in with a dance display.

In 2019, Mr Johnson led the campaign to force Theresa May out of office, resulting in her eventual tearful resignation.

The Prime Minister himself was rocked by the resignations of leading Cabinet members Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid on Tuesday.

As Government departures neared 60 resignations, Mr Johnson was forced to step down from his position as his Tory support base collapsed around him.

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Some ministers have suggested that Mr Johnson should be forced out at the earliest opportunity, amid accusations that it would not be appropriate for him to serve during the interim period. 

Former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major branded the decision of Mr Johnson “unwise” in a letter to the 1922 Committee.

Sir John Major suggested one possible solution to the issue would be the Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab temporarily taking control of the Government.

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Others have suggested Ms May could make a monumental return to her former position as a caretaker of the Government during the coming summer months.

In an address on Thursday, Ms May suggested her return would be unlikely: “I don’t think there’s going to be a caretaker Prime Minister in the sense of somebody else coming into that role.”

In her speech, Ms May delivered a brutal assessment of the Prime Minister’s integrity as she said: “There comes a time as a leader when you have to recognise that trust no longer exists because faith in politics goes to the very top.”

She added that she hoped whoever did succeed Mr Johnson, would provide unity for the Tory party after a prolonged period of division.

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