Sunak and Macron vow to deepen partnership to stop migrant crossings

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Mr Sunak and Mr Macron stressed the importance of “deepening” the partnership between the UK and France during a telephone call on Friday. There was agreement that small boat crossings across the English Channel needed to be made “completely unviable”.

During the call, Mr Sunak emphasised the “importance” of the alliance as he sought to start the process of improving relations between London and Paris.

The increasing number of migrant crossings has led to rows between Britain and France in recent months.

Critics have questioned if the financial resources that the Government is sending to France in order to fund resources and police officers to stop the crossings is producing results.

However, a Downing Street Spokeswoman inisted that Mr Sunak had emphasised the importance of curbing the Channel crossings to Mr Macron.

She said: “The Prime Minister stressed the importance for both nations to make the Channel route completely unviable for people traffickers.

“The leaders committed to deepening our partnership to deter deadly journeys across the Channel that benefit organised criminals.”

The two leaders agreed on a “huge range of areas” where it is “vital” that the two nations work together including Ukraine, climate, defence and the economy, according to Number 10.

The Downing Street spokeswoman contiued by adding that the two leaders hoped to meet soon and holding a UK-France summit next year.

She said: “President Macron congratulated him on his appointment and the Prime Minister stressed the importance he places on the UK’s relationship with France – our neighbour and ally.

“The leaders agreed that there are a huge range of areas where UK-France co-operation is vital, including on Ukraine, climate, defence and the economy.

“The Prime Minister and President Macron discussed a range of global issues, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“They agreed on the importance of continuing to work in support of Ukraine.”

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The two leaders are “resolved” to collaborate in order to help people across Europe looking at a challenging winter with the cost of living increasing and the energy crisis.

Marcon and Sunak are committed to “securing a more stable energy future”.

According to the spokesperson, “this includes increasing co-operation on nuclear energy”.

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