Should Suella Braverman resign as Home Secretary? POLL

Suella Braverman voices concerns about migrants in hotels

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman is facing growing pressure to stand down from her Cabinet position – just days after being reappointed to it – after admitting to sending Government documents to her personal email address and her handling of asylum seekers. But do you think she should resign? Vote in our poll.

Ms Braverman was reappointed as Home Secretary by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak less than a week after she was forced to resign from his predecessor Liz Truss’ Government, after it emerged she had sent a draft Government statement to Sir John Hayes, a close ally, with her personal email.

In a letter to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s chairwoman, Dame Diana Johnson, on Monday, October 31, Ms Braverman admitted to breaching the ministerial code by using her personal email on October 19 for official business.

Ms Braverman also revealed that she had used her personal email to share official documents on six other occasions – between September 6 and October 19 – before her resignation, but insisted that they were not shared outside the Government.

Downing Street said that “clearly there was an error of judgement and she has taken responsibility,” before adding that Mr Sunak has “full confidence” in his Home Secretary.

Former Home Office minister, Norman Baker, has accused Ms Braverman of being a “serial offender” who should be removed from her cabinet position, claiming she was on her way to not being “trusted by the security service” anymore.

Mr Baker said: “It was made very clear to me and to other ministers when you were appointed that government business is kept in-house and you do not convey information to external parties, including in your own party. 

“This is particularly important in the Home Office, which is, of course, a security department dealing with a whole range of sensitive issues. I cannot believe that Suella Braverman did not know that this was against the ministerial code. This is a very serious matter. 

“She is a serial offender, and to apply Home Office terminology, six strikes and you are out is how I think it should be with her.”


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Ms Braverman is also under scrutiny over the migrant crisis after accusations over the weekend revealed that she had ignored legal advice over the detainment of asylum seekers in overcrowded processing centres.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper questioned Ms Braverman in the House of Commons on Monday, October 31, over her handling of the prolonged detention of migrants.

Ms Cooper claimed that Ms Braverman was knowingly “breaking the law” after previously refusing to adopt contingency plans to ease the overcrowding.

The Home Secretary denied such allegations and claimed she was “energetically” seeking solutions to house the 40,000 asylum seekers who had crossed the English Channel this year. 

So what do YOU think? Should Ms Braverman resign as Home Secretary? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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