‘Scotland will be back in EU after independence!’ Blackford takes jibe in Brexit debate

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The party’s Westminster leader intervened in a debate on the Brexit trade agreement with the EU to make a point of order – usually used to highlight inaccuracies or irregularities in a Commons debate.

However, Mr Blackford interrupted the Prime Minister’s opening statement in the debate to launch into a speech promoting independence.

He said: “It’s the people of Scotland that are sovereign, and it’s the people of Scotland that will determine to take them back into the European Union with independence.”

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle accused the SNP leader of deliberately abusing the point of order rule.

He said: “As the leader of the SNP knows, it is not a point of order.

“I’m desperate to know what he has to say in his contribution, rather than use it up now, why doesn’t he just wait.”

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