Rishi Sunak much more popular as polls with Labour neck and neck

Rishi Sunak shares first video from 10 Downing Street

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Rishi Sunak has enjoyed a polling bump on entering Downing Street off the back of the dire slump in support witnessed by his predecessor Liz Truss. Polling expert Sir John Curtice has recently discussed recent approval ratings for the Prime Minister versus those of his rival at the next election, Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir John told GB News: “Two things are clear, one is that Mr Sunak is an awful lot more popular than Liz Truss was.

“Indeed when voters were asked to choose between him and Sir Keir Starmer as a Prime Minister the polls in the last week have had them neck and neck.

“Mr Sunak is widely regarded as being a competent Prime Minister even by those who are not inclined to support the Conservative Party.

“Although they tend to feel he is somewhat out of touch.”

Mr Sunak faced off against Sir Keir last week during his first PMQs appearance as Britain’s Prime Minister.

Thursday evening’s edition of Question Time debate saw Labour MP David Lammy have a go at the fact Mr Sunak has not been tested by the electorate or even Tory party members.

The remark led fellow BBC QT panellist Julia Hartley-Brewer to hit back over former Labour leader Gordon Brown’s own time in office. 

Mr Lammy told the live Question Time audience: “Well, let’s be honest, Liz Truss was shocking the bar is phenomenally low. It would be very hard. Not to be moderately better.

Labour peer admits feeling 'pride' at Rishi Sunak's appointment

“But I’ve got to say I’m concerned that he’s more focused on his party than the actual country.

“The truth is to wake up yet again, to stories about breaches of the ministerial code, this is on the back of Boris’s problems with the ministerial code, Priti Patel’s problems with the ministerial code, Hancock’s problem with the ministerial code it just goes on and on and on.

“This is a serious Office of State and the only reason [Suella Braverman’s] there is because she’s in the pocket of the ERG [European Research Group].

“This country is bigger than just the ultra-right of the Conservative Party.

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“So I suspect he’s not going to be able to unite his policy, and by the way, he didn’t even get a mandate from his party’s members.

“They rejected him in the summer,” he added.

“They didn’t put it to them this time around because they thought they’d get rejected.

“Again, never mind a mandate for the people so I’m afraid what we need is a general election. He’s not going to cut it.”

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