Remoaner group who handed out EU flags at BBC Proms named and shamed

EU flags being waved during Rule Britannia at BBC proms

The group responsible for sabotaging the Last Night of the Proms has put out the begging bowl so it can do more outrageous stunts.

Thank EU for the Music took to social media to boast about their stunt at the annual patriotic musical event to bring to an end the BBC Proms Festival.

And they launched a crowdfunder appeal to support them doing more stunts which Brexiteers have described as “anti-British”.

The appeal comes as Reform UK leader Richard Tice demanded that the EU flag is banned at the annual event.

He said it was like the Union Jack being flown in the face of Americans on their annual Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations.

READ MORE: Tice demands ‘insulting’ EU flag is banned from the Last Night of the Proms

Tory MPs have also waded in to criticise the BBC over its handling of the event.

But the BBC has denied being complicit in the hijacking of a patriotic event by Rejoiners who attacked Brexit and the Last Night of the Proms for being “jingoistic”.

Boasting of their latest activities on their website, Thank You for the Music said: “The EU flags Proms team started in 2016, following the European Union referendum.

“Concerns grew that the Last Night would be hijacked and used as a jingoistic celebration of Brexit.

“So a group of music lovers crowdfunded a large quantity of EU flags to be waved alongside the Union Jack.

“We were keen to demonstrate that it is possible to be patriotic at the same time as maintaining a European and internationalist identity.”

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The group now wants money to buy more flags for next year’s Last Night of the Proms.

Among the Rejoiner protesters there was Steve Bray who spends most of his days standing outside Parliament with a megaphone.

Careful observers noted that he refused to sing the line from Rule Britannia about “Britain shall never be slaves”.

Meanwhile, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has waded into the debate saying that she and Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden both waved Union Jacks when they attended.

However, she avoided condemned Rejoiners for wrecking the event.

And she also risked provoking anger among Tory backbenchers by supporting the BBC.

Speaking on Radio 4, she praised the spirit of the Last Night of the Proms, hailing it as a display of “pride in the UK and pride in Britain”.

When asked by Evan Davis whether she was “put out” by the waving of EU flags inside the Albert Hall, she said: “I was waving the British flag, I was sitting next to the Deputy Prime Minister who brought his own flag. So I think we were both displaying a huge amount of British patriotism.”

The Culture Secretary, who was in attendance on Saturday night, described to PM the “phenomenal exhibition of UK talent, which the BBC did a fantastic job on.”

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