POLL – Do you support Liz Truss making a political comeback?

Liz Truss and her policies defended by Jake Berry

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Former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ premiership lasted just six weeks, but she has now claimed she was never given a “realistic chance” to implement her plans and blamed a “powerful economic establishment” for removing her from office. But do you support Ms Truss making a political comeback? Vote in our poll.

Writing in a blistering opinion piece for The Sunday Telegraph, she said: “I am not claiming to be blameless in what happened, but fundamentally I was not given a realistic chance to enact my policies by a very powerful economic establishment, coupled with a lack of political support.

“I assumed upon entering Downing Street that my mandate would be respected and accepted. How wrong I was. While I anticipated resistance to my programme from the system, I underestimated the extent of it. Similarly, I underestimated the resistance inside the Conservative parliamentary party to move to a lower-tax, less-regulated economy.”

Ms Truss entered 10 Downing Street on September 6, 2022, as Boris Johnson’s successor, pledging to promote economic growth through “tax cuts and reform”, deal with the energy crisis “hands-on” and improve access to the NHS. Yet she was forced to resign 44 days later after her economic plans resulted in political backlash.

One senior Tory criticised Ms Truss for speaking out, telling The Independent that she should have “kept her head down and stayed loyal” rather than reminding voters of her time in office. The supporter of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak added that it was “unhelpful” and “completely unnecessary to try to damage the party at this stage”.

She told the Sunday Telegraph: “I will expand upon the lessons that I have learnt in the coming weeks and months.” Ms Truss is due to return to the international stage, and speak in Belgium on February 17, where she will warn that the threat posed by China is not being taken seriously enough.

So what do YOU think? Do you support Ms Truss making a political comeback? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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