Melania Trump Couldn't Be Bothered To Write Thank-You Notes To Staff: Report

Thanks for nothing.

Ignoring a first lady tradition, Melania Trump reportedly did not write her own thank-you notes to the cooks, butlers and housekeepers who made her life easier in the White House.

Instead, she farmed out the note-writing to a “lower-level” East Wing staffer whose marching orders were to write them in the former first lady’s voice, CNN reported on Wednesday.

Approximately 80 White House staff members received typewritten notes that purported to have been written by Trump herself, two unnamed sources with knowledge of the arrangement told the news outlet.

Short messages of gratitude from the actual first couple, especially to staff members they grow close to, are the norm.

The ex-first lady didn’t immediately reply to HuffPost’s request for comment through the Trump Organization.

The sour-note exit added to Trump’s rocky final days at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Her response to the deadly Capitol riot was off-key, her farewell video got roundly mocked, and her request for Twitter users to follow her personal account drew snarky responses.

She joined her husband Donald Trump in sore-loser mode, eschewing the tradition of offering incoming first lady Jill Biden, a tour of the White House.

The ex-FLOTUS departed as the most unpopular first lady ever, according to a poll.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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