Macron on alert as Le Pen surges in polls – French left-wingers warned of total ‘collapse’

Marine Le Pen supporters are 'extremely mobilised' says expert

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The Generation Frexit leader lambasted French lefties after sharing a tweet of a left-wing candidate for the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional elections claiming she will fight for a “gender budget for the region”.

Mr Gallois said: “It is with this kind of stupidity that we understand the collapse of the left: fight for the societal rather than the social,

woke culture, naivety about the European Union, naivety about immigration.

“There is now more than ever a need for a popular large bloc.”

The lashing out comes after a new Ifop investigation Fiducial carried out for the JDD and Sud Radio revealed that right-wing Marine Le Pen is increasingly the only candidate capable of unseating Emmanuel Macron.

The poll tested ten hypotheses, even including personalities that were never evaluated at this stage before, and all of them led to a return head-to-head between the incumbent President and the National Rally leader.

This was already the case in October, during the previous edition of the survey.

In the October survey, Mr Macron came out on top in the majority of first-round setups.

This is no longer the case today.

Even if the gap remains tight, Ms Le Pen takes pole position in six out of ten scenarios, against only one for the head of state, which is between 23 and 28 percent.

In fact, the base of Macronism is crumbling somewhat, and categories that seemed so far acquired are less convinced.

In just six months, the President saw his electoral potential erode by 4 points among private-sector employees and 12 points among executives and liberal professions.

Even more worrying: he lost 10 among those who voted for him in 2017 (from 72 percent to 62 percent).

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Never has the electorate of the president of the National Rally, evaluated between 25 and 27 percent, been so far removed from that of the founder of En Marche.

While the age categories most acquired in team Macron remain 18-24 (27 percent) and over 65 (3 percent), those who vote the most for Ms Le Pen are 25-34 (35 percent) and 50-65 year olds (33 percent).

More classically, the right-wing leader remains in a position of strength among employees (42 percent) and workers (45 percent) as well as in the low-educated population (36 percent among holders of a CAP or BEP, 34 percent among high school graduates).

Quite the opposite of President Macron.

To make things even scarier for the President, Ms Le Pen beat all of the left-wing candidates included in the poll.

The National Rally leader announced her election bid on Friday and said she thought victory was “plausible”.

“I am once again standing as a presidential candidate, before you,” said Ms Le Pen, 52.

During the last election in 2017, Le Pen suffered a landslide defeat to Emmanuel Macron in the second round, losing out by 33 percent to 66 percent.

Outlining her plans upon winning the presidency, Ms Le Pen vowed to hold a national referendum on immigration.

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