Lee Anderson delivers unapologetic statement on illegal migrants

The Conservative deputy chairman has said the Government would end Britain’s reputation for being soft-touch on Channel small boat arrivals.

And he told the Daily Express the Opposition has no alternative policies.

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He said: “Labour will do what they always do – whinge and moan from the sidelines.

“But the truth is they’ve got no feasible plan of their own to address the problem.

“Slippery Starmer’s only solution is a dodgy deal he’s cooked up with the EU to give hundreds of thousands of migrants a golden ticket straight to our shores.

“What about the few that don’t get their hands on a ticket? They’ll just jump on a boat like everyone else. But we’re not a soft touch like Labour. This Conservative Government is quietly getting on with stopping the boats.”

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Those crossing the Channel on small boats from France will no longer be housed in luxury and country house-style hotels and instead be forced to share motel rooms and stay on the Bibby Stockholm barge.

After traces of Legionella bacteria were found in the water system of the hotel vessel in August it has reopened. The barge, moored at Portland, Dorset, will help curb the £8million-a-day hotel bill for migrants.

So far this year 26,168 have reached the UK by small boat, a 30% fall on the same period in 2022.

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