Joe Biden fury: US called out for snubbing Brexit Britain just days before major visit

Joe Biden's drop in opinion polls discussed by Murray

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Mr Biden has nominated diplomats for a number of close allies since taking office but has so far failed to put forward his choice for someone to take up a role for the Court of St James’s. His failure to put forward his pick comes despite repeated interventions into UK politics.

He has been vocal in criticising Mr Johnson’s rhetoric around the Northern Ireland Protocol and has warned the UK not to let Brexit undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

President Biden has nominated ambassadors for both the Republic of Ireland and the EU.

Reacting with anger at the White House’s failure to announce their pick for the role in London, one Conservative MP accused Mr Biden of showing “disrespect”.

“Not having an ambassador is detrimental to both our countries,” they told

“I’m baffled by it and it appears to be very disrespectful to our country.

“The previous ambassador, Woody Johnson, had been brilliant.

“He was very supportive of this country and he went out of his way to promote a free trade deal between our countries.

“I just find it extraordinary that President Biden hasn’t thought it fit to nominate somebody.”

Another irritated Conservative representative made reference to questions posed in the US media about the President’s health.

They said: “Biden’s probably forgotten that he hasn’t named someone.

“That or he’s forgotten who about the special relationship and thinks we’re just a small island near Ireland.”

Since President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, the US has been represented in London by an interim chief.

Officially known as the Chargé d’Affaires, ad interim, Philip T. Reeker has stood in while a long-term hire is picked.

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US media cited in July that Jane Hartley, a former ambassador to France, was President Biden’s preferred pick for the job.

However, no announcement has been formally announced as of yet.

If Ms Hartley took on the role, it would make her America’s first female ambassador to Britain in 45 years.

In 1976, Anne Armstrong became the first female US ambassador to the UK.

While a number of Tories are angry at what they see to be a lack of respect from the White House, one told this website they were relieved a permanent representative is not in place.

They said: “Thank heavens. I think they would probably just be constantly criticising everything we do.

“Biden takes a certain perspective on Northern Ireland, he takes a certain Republican and EU perspective on the whole thing and we get enough of that from the EU, we don’t need it from Biden as well.”

The White House has said nothing is final until a pick is announced publicly. 

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