‘It’s the final straw!’ Tice erupts at Johnson as he warns exit ‘matter of how, not if’

Boris Johnson is 'on the final straw' says Tice

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Leader of Reform UK Richard Tice insisted it is only a matter of time before Boris Johnson has to quit as infuriated constituents are applying pressure on the Tories to force a leadership election after the latest revelations that his staff held two parties the night before Prince Philip was buried. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are facing a tough task to placate Constituents as they view him as a liability to the Conservative Party. Mr Tice pulled no punches as he described the poignant scenario that the Duke of Edinburgh’s burial coincided with Downing Street staff nursing a headache following the party.

Reports emerged on Friday that Number 10 staff held two parties the night before Prince Philips’s funeral on April 16, 2021 despite the COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting indoor socialising.

Talking on Mike Graham on TalkRADIO, Mr Tice declared that even though Mr Johnson was absent that evening these allegations will surely be the “final straw” for the under-siege Prime Minister.

He said: “For my mind, what I am hearing, Tory MPs are being inundated with furious constituents.

“There’s still a few Cabinet Ministers who still think this is much to do about nothing, which shows just how out of touch they really are with people’s feelings.

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“And I think the image of the Queen sitting there and the funeral of Prince Philip whilst Number 10 staff were recovering from huge hangovers from the party the night before, even though Boris wasn’t there I think that’s the final straw!

Mr Graham insisted that everything points to a lack of cohesion behind the scenes, where “nobody” is interested in respecting the rules they set in place.

He admitted he would not be surprised by a culture of drinking and regular boozy parties on Fridays.

He said: “It tells you anything you need to know about the atmosphere inside the place where the rules are being made, where clearly nobody cares about the rules that they have made!

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“I mean sending somebody to the nearest Tesco down by the tube station to pick up a lot of wine, put it in a suitcase and bring it back apparently they are doing this pretty much every Friday!”

Mr Tice added that the bereaved families have a deep resentment against Mr Johnson and his staff, as it is increasingly hitting home that they often had fun in each other’s company during lockdown, while Britons were being told they could not bid farewell to their loved ones.

He said: “It’s unbelievable and the thing that really strikes me, a lot of us didn’t agree with the rules and the damage from lockdown.

“But the fact that these people who were making the rules that required people not to be able to save goodbye to their loved ones, who were dying alone in hospitals, in care homes.


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“Not being able to bury their loved ones if they had sadly died and having the funerals with almost nobody present I think that’s the biggest most emotional mountain of fury that is bubbling over.

“It’s like a volcano that is now erupting.”

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner admitted to being shocked at the newest revelations, saying: “The Queen sat alone in mourning like so many did at the time with personal trauma and sacrifice to keep to the rules in the national interest.

“I have no words for the culture and behaviours at No 10 and the buck stops with the PM.”



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