Guy Verhofstadt attacks EU in ferocious rant – exposes three major weaknesses in Brussels

Guy Verhofstadt discusses ‘weaknesses’ within the EU

The Belgian MEP outlined migration, geopolitical unity and the rule of law as huge flaws in the bloc. Mr Verhofstadt made the comments on Wednesday as he called for the Conference on the Future of Europe to take place as soon as possible.

The conference would look at the future of the EU and what reforms are needed to its policies and institutions.

The MEP tweeted: “The EU’s weaknesses need to be addressed: We need solid migration management, geopolitical unity, stronger rule of law.

“Time for the Conference on the Future of Europe to start.

“My intervention in Parliament today.”

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In an accompanying video of his earlier speech in the European Parliament, Mr Verhofstadt said it cannot be “business as usual” now Joe Biden has taken over from Donald Trump as US president.

He praised the EU’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic – insisting it was better than the bloc’s response to the financial crisis, which he branded a “disaster”.

Mr Verhofstadt, who has been a fierce critic of Brexit, continued: “But there are still weaknesses in the EU.

“Migration is not solved.

“The problem of our geopolitical weaknesses, in our relationship for example to Russia, is not solved.

“The rule of law, a number of countries not biding by the rules.

“So I think this conference we need it urgently.”

Mr Verhofstadt’s tweet sparked a mixed response from other Twitter users.

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Ex-Brexit Party MEP Lance Foreman commented: “You need to get rid of the Euro.

“That would solve the vast majority of your current and future problems.”

Another blasted: “The people want ‘less Europe’. What do the technocrats want? ‘More Europe’, of course. #WhosNextAfterTheUK.”

A third hit out: “The EU needs less powers not more. Carry on guy you will destroy the EU in ten years.”

in this instance dressed up as a Conference to mask their pre-agreed plan to race towards a United States of Europe as soon as possible!

But another said: “Thank you for your continued efforts Guy. I stand in solidarity with Europe. I am European.”

In an earlier tweet on Wednesday, Mr Verhofstadt celebrated as Mr Trump left the White House on the day of Mr Biden’s inauguration.

He said: “Bye Bye, Mr Trump! The only tears in Europe will be from the far-right & their friends in the Kremlin. Now, let the repair work begin!”

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