Green taxes will ‘push up our food and energy bills’ – warning

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Boris Johnson is reportedly looking at changes as part of his Green drive to lower Britain’s carbon footprint. The Prime Minister has ordered Whitehall departments to look at how greenhouse gas emissions ­produced by different sectors can cost society.

At present, airlines and power generators are charged for emissions, but ministers want to extend the ­“polluter pays” principle. This could lead to a hike in prices for beef, lamb and cheese and more heavily polluting forms of heating such as gas.

A recent study by Oxford University has calculated that surcharges of 40 percent on beef, 25 percent on oils, 20 percent on milk, 15 percent on lamb and 10 percent on chicken would reduce emissions and consumption in the way Mr Johnson wants.

This would see the cost of a sirloin steak, currently around £4.50 in the supermarket, rise to £6.30 and a £3.50 pack of mince priced at £5.

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A £3.75 bottle of olive oil would cost almost a £1 more and four pints of milk would rise from £1.09 to £1.32. Four lamb chops would cost £7.50, up from £6, six chicken breasts would rise 50p to £5.50 and a whole chicken would rise by 28p to £3.78.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “New eco taxes would leave slim pickings for struggling families who rely on cheap energy and food to heat homes and put dinner on the table. With the highest tax levels in 70 years, taxpayers have already had their belts tightened. Ministers must ease the burden on Britons before any green tax hikes.”

Britain’s meat industry said farmers are unfairly criticised. Richard Lister of the National Pig Association said: “There has been a heavy bias against meat when it comes to climate change.”

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