‘From heart as his sister’ Rachel Johnson in heartfelt speech to Boris after resignation

Boris Johnson praised by sister Rachel as she 'tells his story'

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In a speech “from the heart”, Rachel Johnson went back on Boris Johnson’s career as Prime Minister and how little Boris came close to achieving his childhood ambition of becoming King. While praising her brother for some of his policies and accomplishments, she also made veiled criticisms of his Conservative colleagues, some of his policies and the mistakes that ultimately led to his own downfall. 

Speaking to LBC listeners, Ms Johnson began by saying: “So, this is where I am with this. I haven’t deliberately been listening to much of the vindictiveness, the dancing on the grave, the spitting on the grave.

“And I’m not listening to those who’ve made a good living out of Boris bashing. I’m not here to praise him, not here to bury him, just to say a few simple things from the heart as his sister basically,” little sister Rachel Johnson said.

“So here it goes.”

In a slap-down at Boris Johnson’s former ally Rishi Sunak, now running to replace him, Rachel said: “Let me tell you a story as Rishi’s slick promotional video started. There’s, let’s say, rise and falls of Boris in the way that a small child might understand.

“Well, once upon a time,” Rachel Johnson started, “Boris was a little boy who dreamt about becoming world king – he first said that when he was two – and actually almost achieved his ambition. He wasn’t rich in wealth. His privilege was in his education, his intelligence, his drive, and his energy.”

“And he set about achieving his childhood ambitions, which included writing a number one bestseller – which he did with his Churchill book.

“He’s had many children and women he loved very much. He won Theresa a whopping 80-seat majority and a fourth election victory. And like it or not, many of those 14 million votes were cast as he was captain of the ship.

“He was Prime Minister during both COP26 last year in Glasgow and the G7 in Cornwall. He steered the country through the pandemic and set the West’s course on the war in Ukraine. And he also conveyed his own belief that to be born British or become British as we Johnsons did in the early part of the last century.

“We still win first prize in the lottery of life. But many of his friends and enemies didn’t think he should’ve had a birthday cake on his birthday in his own house, which was also his workplace,” Rachel said, referring to the dozen lockdown-busting parties held at 10, Downing Street for which her brother got a fixed penalty notice.

“Many of his frenemies didn’t think he should bid farewell to loyal colleagues in that workplace that was also his house. Many of his frenemies and many others think he shouldn’t have given a bad boy called Chris Pincher a second chance in the whips or even any chance. And they are entitled to those views as I am to mine.”

Speaking of the wave of resignations that ensued the Chris Pincher’s groping scandal, she said: “And they then decided they needed 50 of these against one to do this as he was so strong.

“Look at the effort by the way in the coordination that went into those resignations. Who knew he had so many ministers and trade envoys on the payroll? What did they all do and how on earth did they get their jobs?

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“Anyway, they decided in their wisdom he shouldn’t be king of a castle but he was a dirty rascal. And they pushed him off the wall, so he should have his grate full and all the kings’ horses and kings’ men couldn’t get him together again.

“They thought he was too big for his boots. And there was all too much about Boris. And again, they are entitled to their view. In fact, I began to feel that some presenters in former secretaries and cabinet ministers had what I call Boris derangement syndrome.”

Rachel Johnson then moved to make veiled criticisms of Boris Johnson’s policies.

She said: “And you know, part of me doesn’t blame them because, let’s face it, the last few years have all been about one politician. But they weren’t angry about the bankrupting of the economy – the necessary bankrupting of the economy during Covid – £400billion spent. Money that our children and our grandchildren will pay for until they die.

“They weren’t angry about the Covid restrictions. But they were angry about the groping – the alleged groping – of the aptly named Mr Pincher in a private club in London. And the Rwanda policy that has so far sent more princes and politicians to Kigali than refugees.

“Whether you think that’s a fairy-tale or not, isn’t what’s sort of happened if you were explaining it to your children?”

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