Farage warns ‘knives are out’ for Braverman as he predicts date she’ll be gone

Farage predicts Braverman will be gone by end of week

Nigel Farage has predicted Suella Braverman will be out of Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet by the end of the week. 

The Home Secretary is battling to save her job over claims she asked civil servants to help arrange a private speed awareness course for her after she was caught driving over the limit. 

Mrs Braverman today insisted she has done “nothing untoward” as the Prime Minister considered whether to launch an investigation into allegations the she breached the ministerial code.

Conservative MPs have claimed the row is a plot by unelected officials who want to oust her.

And Mr Farage also questioned whether Mrs Braverman’s tough stance on immigration is the reason she is being “singled out” as he predicted she could be gone within days.

He pointed to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) due to be published later this week which could put net migration as high as one million despite a Tory manifesto commitment to bring numbers down.

Speaking on his GB News show, Mr Farage said: “It’s a huge week for the Conservative Party, for Rishi Sunak, and it’s a really huge week for trust and faith in politics and political leaders.

“It’s becoming ever clearer to me that the pledges that have been made at every single general election on legal immigration by the Conservative Party and its leaders have never been sincere.

“In fact I’m beginning to call it the great immigration lie. Tell the punters you’ll reduce the numbers, they’ll vote for you, they’ll assume Labour will be worse in their eyes on this subject.

“But I think the figures we’re going to get on Thursday will finally end that. It will end the argument that somehow Labour is worse.

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“And I think it was perfectly clear in 2019 when Boris Johnson got an 80-seat majority that reducing numbers was what people voted for, but he never intended to do it.”

Turning to Ms Braverman, Mr Farage continued: “But there is one Cabinet minister who is absolutely sincere on this.

“Yes, Suella Braverman does believe in reducing numbers, she does believe in tough border controls, she does believe in policies such as Rwanda.

“Is that why, is that the reason without being too conspiratorial, that she’s being singled out?

“After all, being caught for speeding, well it happens to all of us now almost every day. Drive along the Embankment at 2am you’ll find it’s still a 20mph limit. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury recently got done.

“So she opted for a speed awareness course, no big deal you would have thought. But she asked, given her position, whether she could do it privately as opposed to with a group.”

Mr Farage said that he “can’t see she’s done anything wrong” but added that the “knives are out” for Ms Braverman.

He said: “Something in her public image is simply too harsh. In terms of policy, well I think in the country she’d have enormous support for her ideas but not under Rishi Sunak’s leadership.

“He now won’t even commit to net migration coming down below half a million a year.

“So can Suella survive? My guess is she’ll be gone before the end of the week.”

In her first public comments on the row earlier, the Home Secretary admitted speeding last summer and said she paid a fine and took penalty points on her licence.

She did not deny asking officials for help in trying to arrange a one-to-one speed awareness course for her rather than simply joining fellow motorists on the programme which allows people with minor offences to avoid incurring points on their licence.

Mrs Braverman also insisted she had not sought to dodge a sanction for speeding.

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