David Lammy HUMILIATED in Commons takedown by Tory Minister – ‘Reduced him to a clown’

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Mr Chalk led a damning two-minute rebuttal of the Labour MP’s opposition to the Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Bill in the Commons on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Lammy sat slouching on the frontbench of the Commons while he watched the Tory Minister dismantle him in a two-minute speech – which has since been widely circulated on social media.

The Tory MP for Cheltenham pointed out the flaws Mr Lammy had an issue with, namely the Administration of Justice Act 1920, the Foreign Judgments Act 1933, the Maintenance Orders Act 1972, were on the statute book and even used under the previous Labour government, of which Mr Lammy was a minister.

Mr Chalk said: “But ultimately, my Hon. Friend cannot have it both ways.

“If we accept that it is not contentious, it is important that the mechanisms that are in place are proportionate to that.

“Indeed, the Opposition knew this when they were in Government, because, of course, all these rule-making powers were on the statute book and they did not repeal them.

“They stayed on the statute book because they are not really offensive to the constitutional balance that we enjoy, but not only were they not repealed; they were used.”

The Tory minister then pointed out the previous Labour Government used the Foreign Judgments Act 1933 while Mr Lammy was a minister.

He added: “The Right Hon. Gentleman cannot very well say that these are a monstrous and egregious affront to our constitution when they were used, because they were used a second time in 2007.”

Mr Chalk continued: “Just to complete that point, not only were those powers used; the Right Hon. Gentleman, for whom I have enormous respect, created new ones of his own.”

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The Labour MP appeared to be astounded by the takedown and was seen smirking and laughing as the Tory MP continued to dismantle him.

Mr Chalk even acknowledged Mr Lammy’s bizarre response, and said: “He is laughing, but he knows it is true.”

Dozens of people took to Twitter to praise the Tory MP for his two-minute rebuttal.

Kit Malthouse MP shared the video, and wrote: “One for the aficionados – watch @AlexChalkChelt perform a delightful, masterful, forensic dismantling.”

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Another social media user said: “That was like watching a compacter, slowly, effectively and with utmost power, squeeze @DavidLammy to a pulp and crap out the dry remains of an impotent MP.

“Truly enjoyable viewing. Lammy laughing at his own demise while watching the hammer fall.

“Alex, son. Take. A. Bow.”

A third wrote: “This is just brilliant! And Lammy has the audacity to LAUGH about it!

“Laughter from embarrassment I hope and not out of sheer arrogance.”

Another user said: “@AlexChalkChelt this is the most polite and friendly takedown I’ve ever seen. Fantastic viewing.

“His guilt and embarrassment consuming him and reducing him to a clown.”

Another person said: “Educated articulate and knowledgeable about his subject he would make an excellent prime minister.”

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