David Lammy has revealed Labour’s anti-Brexit plot to drag UK into an ‘EU Army’

David Lammy discusses how to move forward with the EU

David Lammy has revealed that Labour would seek to tie Britain into an EU security pact, leading to concerns that he is planning on taking Britain back under Brussels rule via an “EU Army”.

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary was addressing a Labour conference fringe meeting organised by the Tony Blair Institute.

The former Prime Minister Sir Tony has made no secrets of his desire to reverse Brexit and Mr Lammy was a leading member of the Second Referendum campaign to reverse the 2016 result.

Mr Lammy told the audience that Labour would not take Britain back into the EU, single market or customs union, but then started listing a number of items which they would tie Britain to the bloc.

This included defence with a new security pact, rules on artificial intelligence and the development of green energy.

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Mr Lammy attacked the Conservatives for refusing to agree to a security pact which many observers believe is the precursor to an EU army.

His plans for military integration would come on top of unprecedented cooperation already through NATO and Britain joining one of the streams of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), allowing troops to easily move through the continent.

It is no secret that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, a former German defence minister, and French President Emmanuel Macron, whom Lammy and Sir Keir Starmer visited last month, are passionate advocates for an EU army.

Mr Lammy said: “We were surprised when Boris Johnson rejected the opportunity for an EU security pact with our European partners.”

He confirmed that this is something Labour wanted to pursue.

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It comes amid suspicion that the Labour conference is providing the UK with a long term pathway to return to the EU.

Mr Lammy insisted that “structured conversations” could be a route for the two to come back together.

He said: “We have a very bitter divorce [from the EU]. It was a divorce that went on for years and years and years, you could argue that it only came to an end, effectively when the winds

“No one in this room, in all seriousness, would suggest that you can get married again without even going on a date.”

He suggested that new regular conversations would be “a date”.

A senior Labour Rejoiner involved with Bext for Britain which aims to reverse Brexit told Express.co.uk that Labour shadow ministers and MPs have been told “to not mention rejoining.”

The source said: “People are getting very frustrated behind the scenes but we have to be patient we know what Keir Starmer really thinks on leaving the EU and he was against it.”

The conference has also been dominated by Rejoiner events with many EU flags being waved by delegates and one of the guests of honour is EU Ambassador to the UK Pedro Serrano who also attended the Tory conference.

He is holding a reception this evening for senior Labour figures and will be speaking at a Labour European Movement event tomorrow.

Bassetlaw Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith expressed concern about “an EU army” being the result of a security pact.

He went on: “Labour makes no secret of the fact they want closer relations with the EU and would sacrifice the divergence from rules and regulations which Brexit gives us the option of.

“The fact they are bending over backwards to accommodate the EU’s representatives must surely raise concerns that they are now openly negotiating our hard-fought rights away without them even being in government.

“This is why we must stop that happening at all costs.”

Former Brexit minister David Jones said: “There’s no doubt Starmer aims for a closer relationship with the EU – he’s acknowledged he intends to align with EU regulations.

“He’s also the man who wanted a second referendum, so any protestations that he respects Brexit ring hollow.

“In those circumstances, it’s unsurprising that the EU hierarchy should be present at the Labour conference. They know a pushover when they see one.

“David Lammy should understand that NATO has been the guarantor of peace in Europe since the Second World War. Any rival military arrangement only serves to undermine NATO.”

Mark Francois, chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) of Tory Brexiteer MPs, added: “The preponderance of pro-Remain events in Liverpool shows where the Labour Party’s heart really lies on Europe.

“That’s unsurprising, as their own Leader Remains a Remainer at heart, which is why, just the other day he candidly admitted he would simply ‘follow EU regulations’ if he ever got to Downing Street. You still can’t trust Labour on Europe.”

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