COP26 to be extended as world leaders pushing tense talks right down to the wire

COP26 to go ‘right down to the wire’ says expert

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LBC Scotland Political Editor Gina Davidson has revealed that COP26 “could last a couple of days longer than people expected”. Representatives and world leaders remain locked in talks at the vital climate summit. COP26 President Alok Sharma has been adamant the meeting of leaders will have until 6pm on Friday to come to an agreement but Ms Davidson claimed security has already been alerted to having to stay until Sunday.

The LBC political editor said: “Yes, we are in the end game, but it still feels like an actual final agreement is still some way off.

“We have already talked about things extending into Saturday, and maybe into the early hours of Sunday morning. 

“Have heard today that security guards are told that they might have to work a proper shift on Sunday.

“So it really could go right down to the wire and this conference could last a couple of days longer than people expected.”

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She went on: “But I believe in Madrid that happened as well last year.

“So people who attend these events are generally used to that being the case, but you’re right, it is very tense here.

“I mean, we have some good news last night, as I told you about this US-China Agreement, but the second draft of the Cop26 agreement came out today.

“And Alex Sharma who’s president of the summit took to the stage to basically tell all those who are involved in the negotiations to get their act together because it really didn’t go far enough.”


“And this last year, he said how to represent, you know, another gearshift in the negotiations.

“This was backed up by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who’s warned countries against making all the promises and creating what he called a credibility gap to add to the emissions gap and the finance gap that already existed the agreement.”

It has been reported that the Cop26 deadline could be extended by two days. 

Organisers originally penciled in tomorrow as the final date of Cop26 discussions taking place, but now there is a chance that negotiations could overrun that.

The last COP that took place in Madrid in 2019, saw delegates take additional time of more than 40 hours to reach a conclusion.

It was the longest delay ever recorded in COP’s 27-year history.

Boris Johnson returned to Glasgow on Wednesday, telling a press conference that he didn’t want to go into ‘extra time’, but didn’t entirely rule it out.
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